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    Thread: Task and goal of being a trader

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      To be a better trader in the Forex trading market learn is very important. Experience and knowledge is very useful to understand the goal and task by the trader in the Forex trading market. Some important tools knowledge and use are very powerfully to make the success and get the more trading profit.

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      Dedications and love for forex will make someone a trader. Newbies think forex trading means buy and sell thing but that is not. Forex is way more than that. To become a real trader and to become a continuous earner you must increase trading skill by focusing learning practicing and yes do not forget to trade with demo account.

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      The ultimate goal of been a forex trader is to be able to make money from the forex market in a consistent manner and then go ahead to live the kind of easy life that he desires, secondly working from home is a very interesting thing and the forex market is one way of achieving that possibility.

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      Yes, every trade should have some task and goal. My task in Forex market is to learn about the general knowledge about Forex first and then learn each and every tools of meta trader very deeply and watch the market regularly. My goal is Forex market is to analyze the market with accuracy and develop some profitable strategy.

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      Forex trading is an online business that requires fully mental ability to run it successfully, so going by this fact the task and goal of being a trader is to always learn in order to have the right knowledge so that you can be good in the business. The task of a trader is to engage in regular practice and to devote his or her time to the business in order to get good result.

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      We can write the trader's tasks and goals as follows:-
      1- learning the basics of the market until reaches to the perfect strategy in the market.
      2- make trading plan (journal records - time to trade - monthly target - yearly target ).
      3- increase his knowledge to improve his strategy.
      4- having the full control on his human emotions while the speculating process.

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      Default What should I do when losing?

      well guys the task and goal of being a trader is to learn and study and get knowledge of market and practice trading on demo account and my goal on forex is to learn about market analysis and make profit from it and less the risk of losing money...etc

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      Quote Originally Posted by tahiri View Post
      you may ask yourself what is my job in this business and what is my goal, there is a need to know that your job is managing your risk by the help to your money management plan as long as you stay trading in this domain.
      your goal is to adopt a profitable strategy which lead you to catch pips from winning trades you take, I think, it's important to know the difference beteween these words to make sense to your trading business.
      you are right and the trader should make his first goal is to manage the account and the risk to make trading safe all time and make profits easily, the trader needs to trade also with a plan as this is very important for survival and making of consistent profits always.

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