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    Thread: K.I.S.S

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      Quote Originally Posted by catfish007 View Post
      You can not exclude the professional traders if you really want the gist to be full. The professional traders might be professional really, but the fact remains that they are still not the perfect trader. This means that they will not be working in the market the way they want all the time, and they might want to improve in this also. We are all traders, and i am certain that we are professional in our own little ways. What now necessary is for us to build the safe trading career that can help us, not that we will be doing trading anyhow.
      If a professional trader ever makes a loss from his trades it means that he he is not perfect, and the forex business is not a place for anybody to claim guru, we are all students.
      Quote Originally Posted by Borneo Scalper View Post
      i dont believe there is a perfect trader or a holy grail system out there where we can always make profit without any loss. All the full time traders i have met have faced margin call many times but they never quit the continue to trade and at the end of the day the profits they made are more then enough to cover all their losses. What is important is to gave good money management to make sure we can survive our trading career.
      The holy grail is just a figment of imagination for the person that believes it exists because he will be greatly disappointed to discover there is nothing like that.
      Quote Originally Posted by maximum View Post
      like you said catfish007 no trader in this business that is a perfect trader, as traders we all learn everyday and can learn through demo trading or learn on live account trading but the true still remains that we need demo account for practice and strategy building irrespective of your level of forex knowledge
      Learning every day is essential for us, that is where we build our experience from, you will not make much progress if you make the assumption that you already know it all.
      Quote Originally Posted by fembizz View Post
      There is nothing perfect in life and the forex trading cannot be excepted because no analysis is perfect and that is the main reason there cannot be an holy grail trading strategy but however better trading and profitable strategies are available that do better with above average performance. I will like to share my trade signal and analysis on ripple with you mates, taking the buying position as seen from the chart below.
      I did not know that you trade cryptocurrency, ripple is just too slow for me, I believe there is something you are seeing in this one. I am done with anything cryptocurrency for now.
      Quote Originally Posted by theomilli View Post
      Alright like you said there is no holy grail strategy, no trading strategy without flaws which is very true but there are measures that can be put in place for us to have a successful trading career, measures that can give us consistent profit in the market. This can be possible with a good trading plan comprising of a good strategy and money management. I can see that you are buying ripple already and it seems to me that you don't like trading currencies, it's either metals or crypto. Well it's all good so long as the profit is entering.
      I prefer metal to cryptocurrency because the guiding principles are different, you cannot tell exactly when a coin will rise or fall because of the many manipulations that take place there.
      Quote Originally Posted by Omoba9ce View Post
      Yes, it is a known fact that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Forex trading is one classic example to illustrate that age long phrase. There are other types of trading in the forex market, they are very rewarding also if you are successful in it. But forex, that is currency trading is still the one with the highest gain for return on investments. In fact, your rewards can highly exceed your risks, or even your capital. One thing that makes the business so risky and in a way, makes it more profitable, is the ability to buy and short sell at any given time.
      The higher the risk the higher the reward but that does not mean we should always take maximum risk in our account this is dangerous and can leave us with a margin call.

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