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    Thread: What is good motivation for traders who just experience a margin call? (part 2)

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      Aspiring traders must understand that somehow majority of traders suffers margin call at least once in their trading career, what is important is we will learn from such experience so that we can avoid it in the future, let us think that trading is no ordinary profession that it will take a lot of hard work before we can become profitable.So if you fail or got a margin call now just try to learn from your mistakes and dont be afraid to try again.

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      the only motivation that i know is that such a trader has just been told by the market which is not an ideal thing to do because if you do then you will likely experience the margin call so its good for him to learn from experience and be in a good position to be better .

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      MC is part of our job as a trader, if we do not have a strong heart in the face of all this, then we will then become lazy to continue working in forex. A good spirit for traders who experience this incident is to keep reminding them to the ultimate goal of doing this business.
      Having a consistent income without difficulty working physically will remind them of their hard work so far in reaching it, the problem is if we stop here, then what we have done is futile, for that we must keep the spirit back and more careful in the face of the forex market.
      No one is coming to save you.
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      I think one thing that can give them motivation is to keep being active in this forum and this is the best way they can learn from other traders and also be able to get second chances to live trading. But they must not give up just because is a margin call, I can't even begin to count how many margin calls I have gotten

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      When a traders face many losses in the market i think the best way here to avoid more falling is to stay away for some days or weak from the market and try to gathering your goals and review your strategy and your analysis technique if you planning to stay in the market and try to found where is the mistakes and how to improve or solve it.

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      Any trader with first hand experience margin call should take heart, encourage himself the more in terms of beefing up in consistent learning. I will be deceiving you if I say i can recount the margin call i have being through.Sincerely speaking ,any time I see margin call red alert,i feel so bad, my heart skip. my head throb with attendant cold sweats and i wish i had never traded that day.

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      You have to control your self during the trade time if you can I think that you will be more successful in trade marketing business. And you have to avoid overconfidence when you are in a trade. If you are a good trader then you might know that If in trade has emotion and overconfidence then you are not gonna survive too long in Forex trade marketing business.

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      actually a margin call can be experienced by anyone. even if you have been running forex trading for several years, you can experience a margin call if you are not disciplined. the point is if you do not want to experience big loss or margin call, then you must learn to discipline. loss can happen, but your capital should still be maintained.
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      Yes, I have faced several times margin call, because lack of knowledge I create lots of opening position at a time with small investment amount by using higher capital, after loosing all the money, I really get depressed and fear and avoid trade for some days. but this should not be repeated as it wont excuse any cost, the money goes out means it will not come back again, so request to all my trader friends, to trade with proper money management.

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      It is true that risk is an unavoidable part of foreign currency trading, but you have to risk what the account allows, not reckless without knowledge, but if you lose all the account you should not fail or give up easily and always affect the successful category and work to reach your goal Difficulties because this world we can not succeed only the owners of the great spirit.

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