As things stand right now I don't think the pair will reach the 109.10 level, after it touches the 109. 60 it does retrace back for couples of hours and it's still at it, now at 110.13 I think it will touch 110.40 before the price take a rest. So your trade is still looking very valid. I wish you good luck with the trade
The USDJPY pair seems to me in a consolidation mode and preparing for a strong breakout ,just yesterdays sudden fall made some mess in the analysis .So that level of 110.60 have to pass so that we can now see the 111 level.

Once you are good with the way you are trading then you would get the money consistently from the business. Trading in the market need such good approach. I like trading with the use of long term, I don't know how you do successfully trade with the short term trading you are a good trader trust me. So, you already made 30 percent profits and to me that is really a good amount to make in a month.
The calculation is simple mate and that is if you can make smart money ,you are a good trader if not loser and this year till now my journal is as per my prediction but yes me searching for some consistent sure profit,be that small no problem but we can be out of tension .
You already have so much profit from your previous attempts it's safe to say that you are the best aggressive trader in this forum.
How do you plan to trade this $100 real account? Will you keep compounding them or take the profit every time you make them?
If you will be not agressive ,you can't make money faster ,the calculation is simple for me .I made profit of about 6k$ from just 400$ by taking risk and that worked ,now after that again i wanted to repeat the circle by same approach .From $100 real trading my aim is 25% per month ,the extra amount i will withdraw so that if anything happens negative ,i can again try that .Plan is ofcourse compounding here .