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    Thread: What is the meaning of Swap? (Part 2)

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      The financial sites mention the swap as many different meaning but in general it is nothing but the holding a trading position overnight will take some exchange charges it will be either profit to you or lose to you depending on how your trading is, it is either profiting or in negative position.

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      Swap is that kind of fee which will be taken when trader will trade more than one day and it will be increased day by day. This amount very low and traders will not get big uncomfortability from it. But also it can be big when there will be big money on balance.

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      SWAP is the money meant to be charged on a trader for the use of the broker's money overnight when he is trading a high interest rate currency against a low interest rate and if he do the exact opposite he will also receive a positive swap in his trading account which means that the broker will pay him.

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      Swap account is basically the over night charges that we have to pay to the broker to keep the trading positions alive . For long term traders like me , this is not a good option as they may need to keep the positions alive for long time. So, there is another way to remove the swap charges by using the swap free account which is also known as Islamic accounts.

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      I think swap comes from the interest rate of the currencies we are trading . For example if we are buying EURUSD and the interest rate of EUR is higher than USD , then we gain positive swap when we leave our trade more than 24 hours , and we continue to earn that until we close the order in the market .

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      Swap is overnight cost if any trader hold position overnight, each pair might having different swap fee each other and there are certain pair that having positive swap fee which it's mean if trader hold position on these pair will look positive fee credited on account, but swing trader usually they like with choose account free swap because often they will open position more than few day

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      Quote Originally Posted by Police View Post
      Swap simple means interest rates. Swaps are collected by Forex Brokers for trades that are open for a period of over 24 hours. I do not pay swaps, I use swap free accounts every time to trade Forex Market with Instaforex.

      Original thread:
      Swap is the interest between two currencies which is determined by the liquidity providers. It adds more profits in some trades and cuts some from other trades. But it is not legal for Muslim. In other words it is haram for us and must open a swap free account. The commission which broker takes is per trade called spread. Hope your idea is clear now.

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      Quote Originally Posted by but3t View Post
      I do not understand how to trade using the swap, I know, can we get the swap if there is an open trading positions until one day, we can get the swap plus or minus, for each swap brokers are always different
      You don't have any business with swap. It is for the broker to determine. If you trade overnight, the account will either be charged or you will earn additional income to your trading ccoujt as swap. So the only choice you have is to either trade a swap account or a swap free account. Meanwhile the amount is usually small and somehow insignificant do to the fact that we dinr hold on to trade for a long time

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      Swap means interest. In Islam it prohibited. Muslims are prohibited to enjoy swap. They should not take swap or provide swap. So that is why Instaforex has given an opportunity. Traders can easily choose swap free option. Swap free option allows traders to trade without swap.

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