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    Thread: Born to trade or acquired skill? (part 4)

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      Forex in the blood
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      Amirali310 is on a distinguished road Amirali310's Avatar
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      No one born with professional skills every one have to learn without learning any thing It's not possible that you may become a trader you have to work hard there is no one trader by birth Evey one had a lot of struggle.

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      FX Zombie
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      snaxbest has a spectacular aura about snaxbest has a spectacular aura about snaxbest's Avatar
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      Skills are very important in the forex market. If we posses the good tradings skills so then we can make the good money as well. The skills depends upon the trader's experiences and knowledge. The trader who hold the good knowledge and the experience so then he will be able to make his skills more stronger in order to make the profit pips and to live a better and peaceful life using forex tradings.

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      My pips hand is weak
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      Danial786 will become famous soon enough Danial786's Avatar
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      No one is ever born with trading skills even if a person does impressing trading then it is due to the luck factor. In trading world the skills will not always save the sinking ship alone without the interference of luck. People who make millions from Forex are definitely not inborn sharper people with amazing natural trading skills to ignore the losses and always enjoy profits. They might have a very awesome luck which will keep their profits up to the sky. On the contrary skills are definitely acquired due to the learning process and are always helpful for a trader to survive.

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      amjed javed will become famous soon enough amjed javed's Avatar
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      No one can be an expert by born, we have worked hard and practice developing the skills which is very useful for success in this business if spouse, someone genius without acquiring the knowledge very hard to survive so better spend enough time to learn it at least basics then do practice to build up the trading skills when become confident enter the market and trade successfully.

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      Forex in the blood
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      ByteMe is on a distinguished road ByteMe's Avatar
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      I am here to trader and make success, we all here to achieve this goal. This is the most profitable market if we trade perfectly. We must improve our trading skills gradually and should learn from mistakes. If we do this then this will be the best track to follow.

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      FX Vampire
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      blessing76 will become famous soon enough blessing76's Avatar
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      In Forex trading there is no magic or secrete code to success if you will just put your self together and do what the successful trader do then you too will become successful. Successful trader give them self to learning and developing their trading edge and own that trading edge and make it art of them self this might take yes to archive when they do it you start hearing their story and start wondering the truth of the matter s that when they were sacrificing their time and energy trying to understand the market you wee not aware but when that start making million you then start wondering if they are aliens. they are not aliens but they are focus people who know what they want and understand what it tales and give it all it takes to arrive at the success they find them self. as you are reading this post they are traders now who are going through hard work of learning and developing their trading edge in other to become a successful trader tomorrow some have being practicing for over 3,4,5 years with utmost discipline and commitment but no body know about them today but when they start making headline news tomorrow you start wondering. THE BOTTOM LINE OF THE MATTER IS THAT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MILLIONS FROM FOREX YOU MUST COMMIT YOUR SELF TO LEARNING AND DEVELOP AND OWNING YOUR OWN TRADING EDGE.

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      Forex in the blood
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      Timothy16 is on a distinguished road Timothy16's Avatar
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      Forex trade is not in borne but its what you made yourself out of.One can be a successful trader through your hard work ,applying all you have acquired from your years of learning, including your experiences.when they are zoomed together it will produce success,then success will make you to stay longer in the business.

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