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    Thread: 10% profits vs more? (part 2)

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      At the end of the week or month if you are able to make good amount of profit then it is good. The profit ratio may be 10% or less than that but if you are able to make profit then it is good. I do not think that 10% profit is bad amount. To me 1$ is good if you are in profit. As long as you are profit that is good thing for you. Always try your best to be profited.

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      Trader can earn more than 10% profit . If trader have good knowledge and good trading experience then they can earn 30 to 40 percent profit of their capital money every month . Profit making from Forex is very simple . If trader have n more knowledge about Forex trade then they can take help from others . Trader get help from many online sites for market analysis .

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      Forex in the blood
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      i think it is enough.in order to gain 10% from forex business consistently one trader should be skillful.there are can be also probability to gain 10% or more in a month.but target should be 10% also try to gain 10% from every month.i think experienced trader also have the some strategy in this market.

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      Off course we all here for making daily profit and control on our losses we can have a good trading plane and set the target to be achieved and 10% profits consistently not a easy task first we need to go with small targets such as 2% or 5% is sufficient in a day never take more stress and tension for big profit market is always changing their behavior so accept small profit then think about more.

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      Targeting of 10 percent profit is Not the solution to trading without tension. If we are targeting 10percent how do we expect to make a living with that. I think we need to be more wiser, 40to 50 monthly is okay for a minimal trader but if we feel that 10 percent is what you want as target then so be it

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Prince-Michael View Post
      10% profit on an account will not help a small capital base.Capital that are very large like $100000 can b traded with just 10% in mind and if this sustainable then one can make a living out of this kind of capital.anyways your capital can grow with increasing the lot size as the balance and equity increases.Wiith lcapital,equity and lot size there will come a time that effortlessly more than 10% will be generated.
      Forex is not a gambling and it has a limited profit opportunities. We can not expect so much money through this business . We should target a logical amount of money in every month. 10% profit is a good number to earn in a month and it is possible to make it . But if we target for more than this amount, we can have a chance of taking bigger risk to lose more often.

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      FX Zombie
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      nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi's Avatar
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      10% profit is an ideal and consistent amount to earn every month, but more than that would be risky for a trader. Even sometimes 10% profit in a month also may not be very easy to get for a trader. Because every month market movement is not same. Sometimes more and sometimes less so the average would be 10%.

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      Will work for pips
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      hafiznadeem is an unknown quantity at this point hafiznadeem's Avatar
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      when trade starts , a trader should must affix trading profit that what he requires. and as that particular profit achieved then there should not be any trade in their account. this profit ratio can be 5 or 10& of their entire equity. but if we think no and we want every day double our account, this is not possible. never try to be greedy for profit on every day

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      FX Zombie
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      Oriakhiebillz will become famous soon enough Oriakhiebillz will become famous soon enough Oriakhiebillz's Avatar
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      I support the 10% profit because it is safer and easier to achieve than pursuing more profit and end up not getting it at all and there is an adage that says half bread is better than none. When you go for 10% profit of your capital daily, it is a nice target in forex business and makes you treat forex as a normal and good business that can keep you going in life, you can rely on forex with this approach because it would give you consistency in the market rather than chasing bigger profit and ending up with nothing or even with loss.

    13. Forex Game
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      Forex in the blood
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      time void will become famous soon enough time void's Avatar
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      From what you are saying, you are able to make 10% profits consistently which is very good. I believe that everyone should try to do what is comfortable and not go beyond that. Those that want higher profits take more risks and usually end up getting margin call. We need to consider our capital, winning rate, trading strategy and many other things before we take risk.
      So, 10% profits consistently is a very great amount and asking for more might not end up good.

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