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    Thread: What is the importance of Market analysis to a new trader? (2)

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      Quote Originally Posted by mokujin View Post
      The market analysis is the thing which can give you good profit and make you safe in thee trading. The Forex traders should know the way doing the market analysis. Thus for earning profits and for the account safety the market analysis is very important. But there are many traders in the market who cannot do any analysisac.
      The market analysis is very important for every trader to know about the market condition. The market may move up or down , and a Forex trader should take the right decision by analysing the market condition. Data can be used to analyse the market. Charts are also important for our analysing market. Indicators are the tools which can help to analyse the market .

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      It is all trader that have to know and admit to the importance of market analysis, that is how they will get the best from the market. If traders do not analyze the market very well, they will only be making mistakes, and that will be a very bad idea. We have to learn how the market is working, and above that, we have to make sure that we have the good strategy that will be pointing towards the right market direction for us.

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      As a newbie you need to know the importance of market analysis when trading Forex. Without correct analysis you can't determine the trend, in essence this means that you can't make profit from the market, as a newbie you need to learn how to analyse the market rightly so that you would be able to know when to enter and exit a trade and also determine the trend.

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      Default What is the importance of Market analysis to a new trader?

      A new trader must need to learn well about this trading business. After well learning about fundamental and technical analysis then only you need to watch this market movement then only you need to place any order. If you follow this steps then only you will be able to earn profit by trading here.

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      A new trader needs to know how to analyze the market, incorporating technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis because this is the only way he or she can earn money in this business. Without market analysis, there is no trading but merely gambling. Market analysis is what gives you reason to actually buy or sell a currency pair. Good market analysis will make you very profitable.

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      Dear friend learning to do proper market analysis is very important.By doing market analysis we get the information of current trend,current price movement,Fibonacci levels,Pivot points and support and resistance levels.According to which we can enter in trades.Without doing proper market analysis if we trade then its sure that we will loose in market.So every trader must spend maximum time in doing proper planning and analyzing market.

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      The topic should be what is the important of Analysis to every trader not only the beginners. Because of no called forex professional neglect analyzing their trade before opening it then they will also succumb to loss. So it's as important that a professional analyse a trade just as its for a beginner

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