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    Thread: FED Interest Rate

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      Default FED Interest Rate

      What is your prediction about FED interest rate decision? Is it going to high? What will be the market effect?

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      Fed increase their rate of interest by 0.25% which largely effect the market positively for USD currency. But after few days USD index does not increase smoothly. Main reason is, USD Index is now 14 year high. RSI-14 is above 70 in daily and weekly chart. In upcoming year, there is a big challenge for Trump government to maintain this interest rate i.e.0.75%. So we expect a bearish pattern for USD index for long run.

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      Forex in the blood
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      Expect nothing new in USD in tomorrow's FOMC's decision. Whether the interest rate is hiked or stabilised, the USD bearish trend continues till June ending! Expect the EUR and CHF to continue upward trends against the USD tomorrow. Commodities such as NZD will still continue upward trend against it followed by the AUD. CAD will remain bearish for a few days to come against the greenback

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      Default Fed intereste rate

      The fed will try to raise its rates on the next months , if possible , in order to maintain the us dollar high in order to get more improvements on the markets and on the economy . After this , the rates should be at this new high level in order to avoid the recession and to compensate the price of the oil barril . The next months for the markets are important because it will be possible to get more price from the usd currencies on a long period of time , on the forex markets .

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      yes we expect the FED to still make one or two increases in their interest rate this year 2018 and that will make the dollars to be more riskier so its a good thing for the dollar because that will bring more value to it and then increase the worth of the value of those holding dollars.

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      FOMC is big item for news trading. Everyone is watching it.
      Interest rate impact every business in the U.S.
      Also the reaction from this can be 100 pips.
      There are several FOMC meeting in a year so it's great.
      Also, there is NFP every month.
      Everyone should learn news trading!

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Fed rates is usually being used for news trading but people usually don't recommend trading at the time of this news release.
      The reason is it's very dangerous and it might make new traders think that it's easy to make money from news trading.
      Traders don't know the future that is why traders need market scenarios.

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