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    Thread: Can you live without Forex? (5)

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      In my last three years i spend many more time for learning forex. Because i want to develop my knowledge and also wants to earn more money by trading in forex. While i don't place any trade that time also i watch this market movement. So in my life forex is fully related. So i don't live without forex.

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      For now I do not think my life is complete without a trading forex, I so much love this business as it gives you the opportunity to do what you want to do at anytime you so desire and you spend your time the way you want it.

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      I think it is not impossible to live without Forex in reality. For live what we need we can get outside of this market. But it's totally depend on a trader's mentality. some people are addicted toward Forex business and they can not go a day without it when some people took it as passion and to live without Forex is very difficult for them.

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      Sure I can live without forex why because I don't rely completely on forex for now am still a newbie who find it hard making money in the market, I have other sources where I make my money so I can live without forex anyday, but I tend to make forex trading part of my daily life which means I want to make forex trading one of my major source of income because I already no how profitable this business is.

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Yes of course. Forex trading is not my only business, it's not my full-time job, as I have other sources of income. Personally, I think forex trading is too risky to totally depend to live on. So I will encourage everyone to make other investments and businesses.

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      othox79, my friend is very excited with the forex trade. He is devoted with the forex business. He is so much devoted that he has compared the forex trade with his wife. very good and it is a matter of laugh. Thanks.

      actually you are so much emotional. But here is no place of emotion in here. You may be good trader and also may earning good profit from here. So you are in good mood with forex trade. But you get big loss and if you get loss again and again then you will never tell such as emotional sentence. Even if we get more profitable earning source than the forex business, then all most all of the forex trade will turn forward to that source. Then forex trade will not able to tide you with love. So we are there where we have benefit. Thanks.

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