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    Thread: Do you check previous history of your trades? (2)

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      yes i definitely check my previous history of trades from time to time in this forex trading market, because in this way i can easily check my progress in this forex trading business and if i found any mistake in my trading then i also correct that mistake, so that in future i can become more successful forex trader in this market.

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      I do not check it often, but at times, i do, it is also good for traders to do it, so that they can review their work in the market. I do not do this much simply because i am well occupied in the market with many activities, and i am no more a new trader. If i lost, i should be able to prove why i lost at this level of my experience, that is why i do not look at the previous losses so much, but it is a good thing for traders to do.

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      Checking the history of our Past trade sometimes can be important to us. Though checking it can bring bad memory and good memory and I think this is the major reason why we Need to check it so that we will be able to know where we have done wrong or right in the past so we will learn from them

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      I always do check my trade history. Because when i check my trade history every time i learn so many things. Whenever i look into it i try to remember how i make profit form that particular trade or how i make loss from that trade. I think every trader should check his trade history regularly in order become more advance in trading.

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      yes i check my trade history mainly to check performance of my strategy. I gives me a good chance to identify my mistakes and rectify them. historically testing provides good indication of strategy performance but testing in real environment is totally different because now we focus on fundamentals and news releases too.

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      Yes that is very necessary when you are doing the technical analysis of your pairs because their history has a lot to tell you about what the future will likely turn out to be because most of the times the price pattern repeats itself so if you do not check the history how will you know this.

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