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    Thread: The Benefits Of A Real Trading Account Using Your Own Money! (part 9)

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      I would like to say that most of the newbies are too much eager to get profit from the market and they think they are wasting their time in demo trading but i would say they they should do lot of demo trading and avoid trading with low experience on real trading account as it looks too attractive but it harms a newbies too much .

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      For doing any business money investment is necessary. And forex there is an opportunity for opening demo account but in demo account you can trade without any investment. so you cant get any profit also. profit that you will get but all will be done by virtually. nothing is real. but opening trading account and invest by own money will able to give you profit. that is real profit. if you really want to business in forex then you have to open a trading account and invest money. only that will give you return.

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      I think one has to learn to trade well before one can invest real money into the trading. Therefore, demo trading is a must, as demo trading enables one to learn the art of trading. When one has acquired quite a skillful trading strategy, one then needs to consider investing real money into the trading. There is a difference between investing real money and not investing in real money. Real money enables one to trade more carefully.

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      this bonus scheme is of great help for the traders and will encourage them to invest in their real account, it is a step towards the growth of an individuals account,when a trader is trading on the money he has invested he can also enjoy mony other services offered by the insta

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      Forex in the blood
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      without trading the real trading account with real money,we can't understand the business.because when we started trading with demo account we didn't feel any excitement either earning profit or loss.but when we start real account with real money we fell enough pressure,stress and lot of excitement.actually we don't care when we do trade in demo account.

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      Real money trading is essential for every trader to learn trading properly. If you do not invest money from your own source, you could not understand the pulse of the market. So if you want to be a good trader you need to invest real money.

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      When you invest from your own money you will realize how much penny to make a dollar! Really, its true. Real trading account's flavor is far most different from demo account trading. You will realize how it feel when market turn opposite from your prediction. So, there is no way to test your nerve without trading in real account.

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      The benefits of a real trading account using money is well and it can help a trader to increase his seriousness so every trader should use real trading to be a real trader in the Forex business and to earn money continuously.

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Trading with your money brings in several factors such as greed to make big profits thus risking more money and at times fear comes in when holding a winning or a loosing trade,in order to maintain discipline in trading and learn to trade profitably one needs to use real money since with real money emotions gets involved and it gives room to learn

      As a trader always enjoy the party, but dance near the door-
      George Soros

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      MT5 Addict
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      Quote Originally Posted by PhAnToMtRaDeR79 View Post
      Our forum provides a lot of benefit including giving bonus to members so they can try the forex market and understand how the market works. However, you should think about collecting your profit because one day when you already get enough knowledge you should open a trading account using your own money. Trading using the bonus account is good but trading using a trading account that you open using your own money is definitely better.

      Here's a list of reasons why you should open a trading account using your own money with InstaForex:

      1. You can use Instawallet function to transfer money between trading accounts. Instawallet is a great feature. If you use 2 trading accounts (1 for trading and 1 for keeping trading balance) you can transfer money to account A if you are nearing a margin call to help that account because you believe the market will return to profit. If you use bonus account you can't use this Instawallet function. Transfers between account using Instawallet is done instantly so it's great.

      2. You can get ****** (cash back) from every trade you make. Using ****** is very beneficial because it reduces the cost of trading. If you use a bonus account your spread for the major currency pairs is 3 pips. However, if you trade using a trading account that you open using your own money you can get ****** (the amount of ****** vary depending on the Introducing Broker that you use). So for example if you usually trade on EURUSD with 3 pips spread by using ****** through an IB you will get a ****** for 1.5 pips so your profit will increase 1.5 pips. Whether you are a scalper or intra-day trader or other type of trader this is a great deal.

      3. You can trade with binary options directly via InstaForex MT4 trading platform. You can see how to do it in this thread. Trading binary options using a bonus account is not allowed.

      4. You can use PAMM feature (PAMM trader or PAMM investor). PAMM investor is a great choice if you want to make money but don't want to trade by yourself because you might be a busy person with tight schedule. Also you can become a PAMM trader and manage other people's money. You can't use PAMM feature if you only use bonus account.

      5. You will get interest on deposit (just like annual interest from your bank on a regular bank account) around 5% per annum for active trading account. Your annual interest from your bank might get lower than this so it's a great feature from InstaForex.

      6. You have a lot of chance to get prize from drawings like Porsche Cayman sports car, weekly Chancy Deposit, bi-weekly Free device drawings. You can't get these from your bonus account.

      7. You can have bonuses when you deposit money. InstaForex offers bonus on every deposit that you make into your own trading account and you will be rewarded 30% per each deposit.

      8. You don't need to recover any loss. If you use bonus account you need to recover your loss before you can withdraw anything. If your initial bonus is $100 and you lose $20 you can't withdraw profit until you return the balance to $100. So you can only withdraw anything above $100. If you use your own money you don't have to face this.

      9. You can use the maximum leverage that InstaForex offer. Currently, the bonus account can only be used with maximum 1:50 leverage but if you open a real account with InstaForex you can use the maximum 1:1,000 leverage (which is super awesome if you know how to use it wisely).

      10. With a real account you have the option to trade by yourself, with PAMM or with ForexCopy. This is a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money while trading because you can make money from other people's money too (but of course, you must be a great trader first before offering PAMM projects or ForexCopy).

      11. And then there is also multi terminal platform where you can make as many account as you want (maximum 128 accounts) and trarde them all at the same time without the need to switch account and trade them one by one. This is a great feature by InstaForex so when you reach $1,000 on one trading account you can open another trading account so you can still trade them all by using 1:1,000 leverage. InstaForex limit the use of 1:1,000 leverage so when you reach over $1,000 you won't be able to use 1:1,000 leverage anymore. So by dividing or opening another account you can take advantage of this leverage offering. Personally, I think this is the greatest offering from InstaForex.

      So as you can see... there is a lot more benefit that you can get by using a trading account opened using your own money! So next time when you get profit from your bonus account you should be wise to collect them and be prepared to open your own trading account in the future.

      Trade using bonus account to learn and test the forex market. Trade using your own real account to experience the full service of InstaForex.

      PS: Guys/gals please take some time to cast your vote for the poll.
      We really appreciate your vote! Thank you.

      PSS: the bonus, offerings and drawings are subject to change. The ones mentioned in this post are available at the time this post was written. Please check for more information.

      Last revision March 20, 2016.
      Trading with the Real Account is pretty awesome experience, as you have told about the leverage that is the superb one, but i would prefer to use only 1:100 even i am trading in a personally funded account. as that is much safe leverage.

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