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    Thread: Should we follow professional trader? (4)

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      The professional trader have a lot of experiences and skills in that business so we can not ignore what they have we must try to benefits from that, some of them will give us theoretical study and the others may give us the practical study that we need when we are trading in the market thus it will help in saving time to increase the knowledge a lone with the market.

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      Yes, this is true and I agree with this view because it is very important to contact professional professionals and to gain the necessary experience from them and to know a lot of things that benefit us in trading Forex and thus gain a lot of time and effort that could have been lost if we were alone .

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      I think we have a lot to gain if we find some responsible professionals who are ready to hold us by the hand and show us how the fore business is done. We stand the chance of learning and gaining from their wealth of experience, it will make our journey as trader to be faster. Most of the problems that new traders are having today is because they have no one to mentor them and where there is no knowledge, the people will perish.So i support the idea of having professionals to help us and from us to follow them .Sometimes it may be for a price of money which to me is still alright because you do not buy experience from the market, kit is acquired.

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      Default Should we follow professional trader

      i think if we found some one how is good in trading have the experience of trading and can teach us we should follow that trader because it would be great to have the experience which he have so its great ...etc

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      I do not see anything wrong in following professionals in this business because i believe it will aid our understanding and speed of knowing the market. Forex is a business that is traded on knowledge and experience and before any trader can become a successful trader, he must have gone through the school of learning and part of that learning can be gotten from those who have been in the business for some while who have gone through the rudiments of the business, getting in contact with these set of traders to benefit from their wealth of knowledge will be a good way of making us to understand the market the more. So i do support the idea of following professionals in this business.

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      Forex in the blood
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      We can follow professional trader but we don't copy their trade. If we copy there trade than we can't learn anything from our self. Those who are professional they have lot of knowledge and they have a lot of experience about Forex. If we listen that then that will be so good for us in Forex trading business.

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