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Wow, the way you stated your trading plan is very good and you have to do everything possible to stick to your trading plan and not to deviate from it because deviating from it may not yield positive results at the end of the month.
Coming to your percentage risk, if you are using 5% risk, you need to maintain that 5% risk, if you are risking 10%, you should maintain the 10% as well so that if you lose money consecutively, it will not eat deep into your capital. I will recommend maintaining a risk of 7% and not more than that so that even if you have 4 or 5 loses in a roll, you will lose a smaller percentage of your account.
I like your kind words and encouragement to this traders, but i have realized that there are many traders that knows the right thing to do as far as the market trading is concerned, but they are somehow emotional not to do it, that is where the issues of traders are coming from. And as the trader already have a very good trading setup and plans, we can only tell me to be so disciplined with it, that is how the market trading could be won. If traders are well experienced, but are not using what they know, they will still fail totally.