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    Thread: Small targets but big gains (part 8)

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      I just can't quit pips!
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      Thumbs up Small targets but big gains (part 8)

      Never underestimate the smallest target, if you can get it consistently, then the little thing can be very good later.
      Most importantly we live comfortably, do not need to risk our capital to get a lot of profits, as long as we trade comfortably and the results are certain, then the formula is already very good for you.
      You Learn Nothing from Your Life
      If You think You're

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    3. Forex Game
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      FX Vampire
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      It is possible to make big profits by focusing on small targets. However traders should always stick to good money management rules to protect their capital and not rely on their luck and expose themselves to huge risk. There is a saying drop by drop makes a river which applies to forex trading. Traders should focus on making small gains consistently and in time they will make a fortune and not dream about making a fortune with single trade over night.

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      FX Zombie
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      To set small targets and get big gains, sounds like high risk trading to me. It means that the volume that you use is a big one to the end that even with small movement in the market your value per pip is high. If it working for the time does not make it right because it could work both ways. The target can be small and loss be big as well. High risk trading is not always the best.

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      MT5 Rookie
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      Most traders do not always realize that the best way and strategy to make it in forex is to go for few pips and increase your lots.If you are able to know or have a trading system you are very much sure of I will like to advice you to try as much as possible to use this method of trading since it will save you from avoidable risk.

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      Small winning also means smaller risk, and as long that you are doing more winners in a consistent basis it will compound into a bigger profits in the long run, most traders want bigger return is a short period of time, sometime they are successful but their will always a time the market will catch up and your capital will be gone. Aspiring for bigger gains also means bigger risk.

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      MT5 Veteran
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      I have come to admire the scalping traders. I got engaged in Instaforex lucky trader contest and one of the rules is that your point is calculated per successful close of one lot position. I started picking pips and come to think of it, I made over $300 in 2days picking not more than 13 pips per trade. This could have been my life account

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      It's time to retire!
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      There is no doubt that we can make huge money in Forex trading business. small targets are not bad thing for a trader because in this way he can make huge money at the end of week or month without taking big risks.
      try to make big profit from a single trade is very risky way to get money.
      Gold and Oil Trading Journal

      "Keep Calm & Believe on your Skills and in Result you will Succeed"

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      FX Zombie
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      Its good for targeting small profits and few pips and this type of trading called scalping but this is highly risky and should have a good tested strategy for that even more than one, we must always have a stop loss in this type of strategies and a good risk to reward as well in every trade even you stops your trade in few pips before the target, time and experience is the key to success in this type of trading and we must focused and should not do anything emotionally otherwise we can lose our whole account in just few trades.

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      MT5 Maniac
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      I believe something is better than nothing. Now, If I can make some profit from trading then I must stay happy with it. No need to lose capital by trying to make big profit from trading. We can trade slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. So we must try to acquire small profit. Continues small profit can make us profitable trader.

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      FX Vampire
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      Your right that we try to do not underestimate our smallest trades if we have because with little , little profit our profit become big as with drop , drop become river or sea and therefore i also working on this formula that something is better than nothing if we gain something then its means we gain some not lose so gaining is better than loosing.

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