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    Thread: Fresh mind, new trade (part 7)

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      Yes fresh mind will create a new ideas and trade on right time after watching the market position we can never do trading wrongly it will give us loss and need more time to recover it we can open a single trade which we can have confidence this will give us profit use stop loss on every trade and use fresh and cool mind for daily trading.

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      If you have lost huge amount of money and continuously losing your money then please take rest. Do not be hurry to recover your loss. Recover your loss slowly. There is time for everything. So, do not rush into the forex market. Slowly recover your all losses.

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      This is good for traders when you experience a series of loses, just have some time out of the forex market in order for you to have a different thinking and then you will have a new focus and do things in a different way which is what will give you an edge over the forex market and you start making profits from the forex market.

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      Fresh mind and fresh head is pricondition a forex trader. It is also true for any work and job. If our mind is busy or up set, if our head is hot. then we can not take a good and correct decision for a work. As forex trade is a very risky work, so if we do a single mistake then it may bring lot of loss for us. So we must have do it when our mind is cool and fresh.

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      yes i agree, that a trader need proper fresh mind if he want to trade successfully in this forex market, because when he is going to open a new trade then at that time he had to look for many important factors and then he can take entry on the right time in this forex market, otherwise with stressed mind he can do bad trades in his account.

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      Fresh mind plays a very important role in good trading. It can help you take right decisions. If you mind is confused or it is stressed or tired, then you should not trade. This is the business of mind and there is no role of emotions. The person who trade with emotions, gets loss easily. We should make our mind fresh and then enter the trade.

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      The forex is one of the most risky and toughest online business in all over the world , so we must have to be careful before taking any decisions to place our trades. The cool and calm head is very important for all the traders to decide where they will open their positions. When we are not in control of our mind, we can easily distracted and loose our focus. So, we should follow the discipline life style.

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      When ever you are going to place a trade then time you must need to follow some basic rules of forex trading. First is keep your mind fresh then wait for any news publishing. And after published any news then wait till its impacting on the market. So fundamental and technical both analysis you will do then only if you place any trade then your wining chance will be very high.

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      MT5 Resident
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      We have to take part in this trading with fresh mind and sound body. Anxiety, emotion and greed will have to alleviate during trading. Otherwise, good trading is not possible. Very simple mistake may be the cause of big loss. The more we concentrate at the time of analysis as well as market sentiment apprehension, the more chance of positive trading exists.

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      Every day should be a new beginning for every trader. If we are not using our fresh mind we may feel boring at trading very often and definitely which is not good for a trader. Fresh mind can help a trader to prevent from over trading and most importantly if we start with fresh mind everyday we can find more opportunity in the market.

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