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    Thread: MartyFish's - Trading journal

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Default MartyFish's - Trading journal

      Spoiler Spoiler:

      As, Most of you know here that I trade a limited number of pairs i.e I trades in only GN & EN and mostly they both moves similar thus helps me in confirming my signals because a bull signal on GN should also cast a bull signal on EN.

      Now, as I trade limited numbers of pairs, so i needs to trade almost every opportunity that the pair is giving and for this I am using 3 different strategies or 3 different kinds of entries/setup to catch them efficiently.

      And, instead of using 3 different kinds of strategies seperately or independently & hopping from one strategy to other, I have merged them all together into a 1 system with which I can trade all these 3 strategies & take all these 3 types of entries/setup through it efficiently with keeping it as simple and less complex as possible.

      *My Entry :-

      1. Reversal Trading Strategy :- For Reversal Setups, I would be using Channels, Trendlines & sup dem zones to find the high probability areas from where a reversal can take place.

      2. Pivot Point Trading Strategy :- For this kind of Setups, I would be using Weekly & Monthly Pivot levels and will be using Price Action, BB(20,2) & signal candle (whose open is above/below a pivot level & whose close is below/above that pivot level).

      3. Trend Following Trading Strategy :- For Trend following / Trend continuation Setups, I would be using 2 GMTS matrix's H4 & Daily. The GMTS matrix shows Trend, Momentum, Strength & Sentiment as per the price action all 4 red means a bearish signal, all 4 blue means a bullish signal. Apart from GMTS matrix I will be using BB(20,2) & price action to take my trend following / trend continuation entries.


      1. All my entries will be taken from H1/H4 and I would be using H1,H4,DAILY & WEEKLY Multi-timeframe analysis to make crucial decisions.

      2. I won't trade any of my 3 strategies setup against the GMTS Daily Matrix Signal. I would trade only in the direction of GMTS Daily Matrix Signal or would trade if there is No Clear Signal in GMTS Daily Matrix.

      *My Stop :-

      All my trades will have a fix SL & no trade will be opened without a SL. All my SL's will be placed above/below previous swing low & previous swing high.

      *My Exit :-

      My Exit would be determined using trendlines projections, Opposite Channels, sup dem zones or Pivot Levels. Apart from that I would be moving My SL to breakeven once the Price moves certain amount in profit & would also activate a trailing stop once the Price reaches near my target zone.

      *My Risk : Reward Ratio :-

      1. For Reversal Trading Strategy :- My R:R would be highest 1:3+

      2. For Pivot Point Trading Strategy :- My R:R would be 1:1 or lesser.

      3. For Trend Following Trading Strategy :- My R:R would be 1:2 or lesser.

      *Money Management :-

      1. For Bonus Account :- I would be risking 5% on a setup, till next 10 setup & after 10 setupI would re-calculate my 5% lot size.

      2. For Real Account :- I would be risking 2% on a setup. till next 10 setup & after 10 setup I would re-calculate my 2% lot size.

      After every loss, I would stop my trading and won't continue until I find my mistake & find a solution and a better way to counter/avoid that mistake & avoid taking such entries.

      *My Goals :-

      Just trade with following all my rules, trading plan & thrive to become better & better with every passing trading week. No Goals for monetary gains, only goal is to become the best possible me.

      *My 3 in 1 Trading System Charts :-

      P.S :- To Refer My This 3 in 1 Trading System, You can start referring my Journal since this Post As, My Journal goes on, I will post my these 3 types of setups or entries accordingly which will give more insights about how I trades this system.
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