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Hello everybody good afternoon. I am really very happy now because my EUR/USD trading analysis on right trace. I hope it's will go fully uptrend in next week. Thanks to everybody to comment in my journal.

Now I will share my new trading analysis of GBP/USD on daily chart. I think it's also bullish now and Now we can take buy entry here. My candlesticks chart pattern analysis also say that. Fibo level also near by 50.0 level. So I think now we can take buy entry on GBP/USD. Whose

Entry point will 1.3020 area
Stop loss will 1.2970 area
take profit will 1.3200 area

This a long time trade so use proper lot size and risk management. Thanks again to all for comment in my journal. Best of good trading.

Gbp/usd is going up and not coming down there is mixed situation for this pair and i am also very confused that why i am avoiding to trade in this pair. I will put trade on Monday after watching the condition of the market.