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I have a strong analyses about gold for current week and my analyses will worked in market and hit the level of 1211 in this week some of my friends will say gold will show bullish trend in this week but there analyses for gold will goes wrong because gold will fall from 1365 and when it breaks the level of 1250 then it will be definitely hit this level and now market will stopped at 1231 and next week it will again fall on 1204 level in coming week. my analyses work on Monthly candle and weekly time frames.

Wish you all for future trading happy weekend...
Yes brother i am also seeing gold to its down trend and gold is fallen sharply in back weeks now it closed on 1231 and we can hope next week some bear mood i am seeing gold to move more down than 1200 as there is strong support on 1211 but in my opinion it can not hold this point as this time gold is strong bearish mood. If some reverse again from 1211 then it will go to next level 1263 as next resistance point