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    Dear friends,?articipate in our Best Answers Contest! Prize fund is 5000$ (current average price of ONE post is 5$ of fully withdrawable monies)

    Congratulations to the winner of the Best Answers Contest! who have received about $ 708 of fully withdrawable monies!

    Invite your friends Best Answers Contest! Prize fund is fully withdrawable 5000$

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    Thread: Discussion: Contest of the Best Answers - Round 1 (19.02 - 19.04.2018). End

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      Default Discussion: Contest of the Best Answers - Round 1 (19.02 - 19.04.2018). End

      Dear friends,
      Welcome to take part in the Contest of the Best Answers! We hope you will appreciate our new contest which could be held on a regular basis later.

      You are invited to become forex experts and answer vexing questions or act as curious hunters for finance-related information. Indeed, the one who possesses the most valuable resource – appropriate information – is sure to achieve success. The Contest of the Best Answers stands out from our other tournaments because of its solid prize pool of $5,000 which will be available for withdrawal in full. We are waiting for your challenging questions and informative answers!

      Contest rules

      1.1. The term of the contest is from February 19, 2018 to April 19, 2018.
      1.2. The forum administration acts as the contest administration. In case a situation that occurs during the contest is not described in these rules, the contest administration takes a decision at its discretion.
      1.3. The prize pool is $5,000. All funds from the prize pool can be withdrawn in full.
      1.4. All participants of the forum (hereinafter Participants) are allowed to enter the contest.
      1.5. To become a Participant, it is essential to post at least one forex-related question and an answer in this section.

      Determination of winners and distribution of prize pool
      2.1. Scores are fixed at 23:59 (GMT+3) on April 19, 2018 and evaluated by the contest administration within 10 days after the tournament is over. To have as fair results as possible when evaluating additional likes collected after the contest termination, the administration retains the right to extend a term of evaluating scores and final announcements for 30 days.
      2.2. The contest administration warns Participants that likes can be amassed for a long time while the audience gets to know a theme. A pace of collecting likes depends on many factors. So it is premature to make conclusions if a Participant collected a lot of likes in the first days since an answer has been posted.
      2.3. With the aim of the most impartial judgement, the contest administration has the right to neglect likes which were collected against the rules from its viewpoint.
      2.4. The prize pool of $5,000 will be distributed among Participants in proportion to the amount of likes, amassed by their answers. Anonymous likes also matter.
      2.5. The whole amount of the prize money is sure to be distributed among Participants. Those Participants who failed to obey the rules are excluded from the prize distribution. Their share in the prize fund is distributed among other Participants accordingly.
      2.6. The prize money is credited to Participant’s trading accounts and available for withdrawal without restrictions.
      2.7. The contest is declared valid on condition that at least 50 themes are suggested for the contest by Participants. In case the number of themes is smaller than 50 by the moment of the contest termination, the tournament is extended for a month until there are 50 themes.

      Requirements for competitive topics, questions and answers.
      3.1. The competitive topic may be of the following categories:
      - The question. The name of the topics in this category should end with a question mark. The topic is available for posting replies by other participants.
      - Overview. The topic name for this category should begin with the word "" Overview: "", after which it should be written, a review of what exactly will be in the topic, for example: "Overview: Top 5 Banks for a Credit Card."

      3.2 In the topic category" "Question" "the first post in the topic can not contain an answer to the question from the topic header. The first post in the topic should contain either a repetition of the question from the title of the topic, or its extension and refinement.

      3.3 In the topic" Overview ", the first post should contain more detailed information about the subject of the survey, for example, why the author made just such a choice of the companies, services, services, parameters, etc .. surveyed.

      3.4. Questions and Reviews should be on financial topics. These include forex, banking services, services of microfinance credit institutions, insurance services, and the like.

      More details about the rules can be found here.

      Every member of this forum can now get 10% of the prize from the copywriters/professional writers that they invite using their affiliate links in their profile. All you need to do is invite your any copywriters that you know to this forum using your ref link and ask them to register, attach a trading account and write in the Contest of the Best Answers. Make sure to tell them all the rules!

      ROUND 2 BEGINS April 20th and will end on June 20th!

      The contest will keep going so let's participate!

      Tips on how to write better:

      The number of "Thanks" for a post is now hidden but you are still required to give thanks as per the contest rules. Please refer to the rules regarding the thanks and what is required from a participant.
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