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    Thread: Is it true that 95% of traders are losers?

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      yeah that is true 95% trader fail because they come here for gambling and 5% trader those r following rules and discipline and take it as professional so they r successful.

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      Most of the traders are looser becuase majority of the traders have less knowledge of forex trading or they do emotional trader rather than logical tradining. The factors also include low capital account trader with high lot or multiple open positions. The percentage might not be 95% but majority of the trader tends to lose their invested amount becuase of lack of paitience. there are very few trader who are successful becuase of their high money management strategy or some may have huge capital, but having huge capital account does not mean he can win every trade if he dont follow money management system and trade only out of greed.

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      yes you are right that 95% traders are always fail in trading. the reason is that they are not strong experienced about the forex so they start their business without any knowledge and does not follow the rules and regulations about the fores therefore they are failed in forex thanks

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      Actually I can not tell exactly how much percentage loser in forex. But I have seen many experience and experts tell about 95% traders lose here and only 5% traders win here. From that opinions I think an average 70% of traders are loser here. However, 70% or 80%, whatever we can say, most of the Forex Trader Loses. So from this statistics we can how much tough things to win in forex. We need to learn well because without well learn, more experience, knowledge and significant skill does not possible to gain in forex.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
      Is it true that 95% of Forex traders lose money constantly and only 5% are winners because this percentage is huge and doesn't seems plausible, Is it?
      yes that true and there are many losers in forex market but do not think about them because you will lose confidence in yourself and when you lose confidence, every trade you open will make you rush to close it and your psychology will be bad

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      yes it is very true that 95% of people trading Forex are loser that is why you most decide for your self early in your trading carrier if you want to continue in the pattern that the 95% of trader are following that made them to be a loser. the mistake tat trader make a re as follows , wanting to become rich over night with Forex trading, looking for a Golding pill or code some whee that will make them to turn Forex trading to a money printing machine this a re the type of trader who spend large amount of money to buy software and trading robots from criminal self acclaimed Forex guru and you some of this trader bragging about the software that they own not knowing that success in trading is not the number of robot or system that you own but your ability to build your self to trade independently.

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