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    Thread: How much time do you spend every day in Forex?

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      I don't like spending more than three hours on the markets person day, sometimes it's a lot less. So the three hour period is for active trading and setting up any other systems for other time frames. My daily charts only take me a few minutes a lot to run through and manage, The three hour session is for my short term trades and systems.

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      At present I am not a learner. Now I am an advanced trader but not professional or so much good trader. Besides this, now I am very busy with my main job. So, I could not spend time according to my wish. In spite of having so much busy I want to spend minimum two hours with it excepting trades. Who are learner, they must need to spend minimum 5 to 6 hours daily with it to learn. Who have not any other job they can spend whole time with it. As much as more time we shall spend with forex, so much and so early we shall become good trader in here.

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      Generally I don't spend more than an hour each day for my trading. Because I do analyze my trading instruments in the beginning of every weeks. After that when market opens I just keep observing the market every after four hours as I follow that time frame chart. So, if I find any signal that tells me going with my previous analysis I just jump into that trade and then close my terminal to do my other jobs.

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      As for me because i have taken Forex trading as a carrier i most times every day spend at list 8 to 10 hours each day analysing the market and making trading decisions. and it only trader that spend a reasonable amount of time to trading that will succeed as a trader.

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      Forex really does not require much time spending if a trader has gained experience. I just think that the more experience a trader has, the more easy forex becomes. It all depends on the information i have about the direction of the trend for the day. I just use the information and set my trades and leave.

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      The time I need to learn about forex is usually one hour every day, and the remaining two hours to practice with demo accounts, and this is more than enough for me. I am sure forex will not disturb my time with the family that I have, so I choose the right time so as not to interfere with my other activities.
      That's the good of forex, we can do it whenever we want, and without being targeted by the boss, because we become ourselves here, the more we are smart at utilizing the time we have, the more efficient we will learn forex.
      You Learn Nothing from Your Life
      If You think You're

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      the time spend on forex varies form person to person or should I say that it varies from trader to trader. Most experienced traders who have knowledge of market and have complete understanding of trend line spend about 8-10 hours like a normal job and make some time for their friends and family. As for all new traders I will say that all of you should spend more time on your demo account rather than on real account about 6-8 hours for daily is enough.

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      In forex trading I usually spend a hour or two hour not more than this because I am a teacher and I have to go college. But I regularly spend some at forex trading, forex trading is boon for any person who has ability to learn something good and if they want to be a proper trader then come here and join this community to learn trading as a professional trader and start your journey for forex market

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      Forex in the blood
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      Actually, I am passionate about learning the forex trading business and I am spending more than 7 hours in a day to trade forex. Currently, I am trading with a real account and also one demo account to test my strategy perfectly. Sometimes I am earning some profits but that is not constant. I am developing my skills day by day.

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