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    Thread: Thread for Newbies "How to Start Trading?"

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      Actually i think there is no time frame to practice with demo account. As long as you will trade with demo account, it will give the confidence about trading. You are the referee then to take the decision whether to trade or not because of your confidence analyzing how many trade you had in your favor. It can take you three months or six months or even longer...

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      Thanks for sharing the true things. I think nobody should open an account and start trading on forex influenced by any person. Because, i think, the person who want to trade should have self strategy to trade, should know about market movement. It's not so easy but anyone can get profit from forex but need to know about forex properly.

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      if you are a new members in this business then your should practic demo trade for your knowledge. without knowledge and experience you can't make profit. so your should gain experience. actually it is very hard for new members. it is a online trade business so you can loss any time so first gain knowledge and experience then you can play it.

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      Start trading is easy. Only need to download trading platform and we can start to trade with using demo or real account. The hardest part is to getting profit consistently from our trade. It will need a lot of time to learn about forex before we can do it. That's why it will be better to use demo account first for all newbies who just want to trade in forex. If they use real account then soon or later they will losing money.

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      First of all understand that neither forex trading is going to make you rich quickly nor it guarantees success. Understand that a trader is one who takes risk to gain profit but he is different from gamblers who take high risk and plays double up game. In the beginning try to understand market using demo. open trades and test how price goes up and down but don't trade on live until you have the working strategy. Learn basics like bulls, bears, trends, indicators, time-frames and all that is present in trading terminals. After understand the functions of all those things with price, move towards advance skills. Focus on reversal patterns and continuation patterns, also understand when not to trade if you are a beginner, like news events. Yet if you can understand economical activity then you can play with news for testing. After gaining knowledge from all sources and experience from practice account you can enter live trading for real experience. Yet the start is start and we all lose our initial bets in live account so don't get disturb with that, keep trying until success.

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