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Good morning to all members. Today I'm updating my journal. Analytical for GPB pair USD

The pair returned GPB USD to settle above the 1.2962 level after trying to break it yesterday, keeping the upward trend scenario up to date, which has its next main target at 1.3226.

Moving above the 50 moving average supports the expected height, while the 1.2962 fraction will press the price to achieve negative targets starting at 1.2800.

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Pair analysis GBP USD
We are trading around the three major moving averages as a market frequency indicator awaiting British officials ' reaction to the proposed Brexit agreement. Positive developments in Britain's exit from the European Union will lead to a breakthrough above the 1.3047 resistance level and reveal the level of 1.3155, while negative developments will lead to a breakthrough below the support level at 1.2937 which reveals the level of 1.2806