Good day, traders!

As mentioned in an earlier post, the sales serve as the main trade option.

For the condition of sales, the price fix should be under 1.1550, which serves as the first signal for a continuous price reduction. Following the breakdown at this level, a correctional movement is expected. Thus, this will serve as the main condition for sale. Take profit is at 1.1480.

Below are the reasons why it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned conditions in closing a purchase:

Losses are minimized.
The conditions for exiting a purchase are not always considered as conditions for opening a sale. Today, the purchases, despite having zero results, the sale is opened at the same level.

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As you can see, M5 chart is used to open this sale because it is where entry conditions are clearly shown. More so, a sell signal is provided with much better quality. A profit is recorded after reaching the level of 1.1480. It is important to take note that the price may not always reach the target level. Therefore, it is recommended to close positions or set take profits. The breakdown level at 1.1480 is where a new signal for sale is shown.

Main condition for opening a sale: price fix below 1.1480
Take profit: 1.1430

If the price will reach beyond the level 1.1480 and if there will be a consolidation above it, a condition for exit from the sale will be formed. A reversal signal is necessary to open purchases. False breakdown can also be used as one of the main signals. Therefore, if you want to buy, a false breakdown at 1.1480 is necessary. Consolidating beyond this false breakdown will be considered as a condition for opening a purchase.

Take profit: 1.1550

Breakdown and price fix beyond 1.1550 will be a condition for purchase opening.

Take profit: 1.1620

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Today, the maximum trading volume reached the future’s level of 1.1585. The resistance level will be the level breakthrough of the price. The signal to open the euro purchase is the price reduction with fixation beyond this level. At 1.1550, the level test for today is quite realistic when compared to yesterday’s low trading volume. Several traders open market sales as they were expecting a continued price reduction, which suggests a significant negative delta. However, these sales aren’t at the highest prices for today. If the presence of a negative delta continues after the breakdown at 1.1480, this will serve as a relevant signal.

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