After a long election day, amid keen anticipation, the results of the midterm elections of the United States Congress, in which the Democratic Party won a majority of seats in the US House of Representatives, came back to the power of legislation, two years after Republicans took control of the executive and legislative powers.

That expected result will change the equation, and many changes will occur on many sectors, both financial, economic, health, educational, taxation and others, as many of the pending bills that have not been passed by the House of Representatives in the last two years will find their way to the Council The elders now, having been approved by the House of Representatives with the votes of the blue majority.

After this change, the Republican Party will not be able to pass laws that Democrats believe are damaging the U.S. economy, even if the Senate approves them, and Americans will be two years between the tide blocked by party blocs.

Four sectors of America are forecast to be influenced by the results of the U.S. congressional elections, and Democrats dominate the House of Representatives:

-Pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector

The value of this sector is expected to climb, thanks to the absence of a risk of restrictions on the prices of pharmaceutical products, where analysts believe that the expected obstruction in the US Congress will prevent the passage of decrees imposing restrictions on the prices of medicine, which will make companies able to set prices according to supply and demand, More investors will therefore be attracted to this sector.

-Technology sector

Analysts predict that this sector will be subject to more control and follow-up by regulators, regardless of the dominant party in Congress.

-Banking sector

Often, this sector will not face greater regulatory tightening, as financial sector legislators who support the policies of the U.S. President "Donald Trump " are staying in place, although locals expect more pressure on bank shares, ahead of the end of the "Trump" state.

-Industry and infrastructure sector

Analysts say the Republican Party will not be able to pass spending packages that would boost the economy and employ more American youth in U.S. industries.

For the oil sector, it is likely not to be affected by the results of the midterm elections of Congress, unless the Republican Party changes its stance toward the US sanctions against Iran, which were the main reasons for the increase in energy prices.