The world's oil prices have declined thanks to its policies, he says.

The recent period has seen a decline in world oil prices, prompting US president-elect Donald Trump to say that this remarkable decline was due to his policy, noting that he considered the rise in oil prices as taxes on consumers, pointing to He doesn't like taxes.

On the other hand, the US president, Donald Trump, said the sanctions he was keen to impose on Iran could be more severe in the near future, but added that he did not seek to cause too much oil price volatility, which was easily affected.

"Donald Trump" acknowledged the exemption of some eight countries from the sanctions for the purchase of crude oil from Tehran, "trump " explained that he gave support to a number of countries that demanded it, and stated that he did not want to pay nearly $100 to buy one barrel of oil ore.

It is noteworthy that the second phase of U.S. sanctions against Tehran has entered into force since the beginning of this week, with forecasts indicating that the volume of Iranian oil supplies will be significantly reduced in the coming period due to these sanctions.