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Hi friends good morning how are you all hope making good profit this week, yesterday i am doing trade on EURUSD and GBPUSD on Monday it will move to support then my opinion is it will go up side on Tuesday but it will fell down on last two days, when i will analyses the USD chart it will have a strong strength that why all pairs have a selling pressure this week market movement will be irregular we cannot understand the up or down trend of these two pairs and my demo account is also have margin call on these two pairs. for this week my suggestion to avoid high risk trading use small lots and safe your account from loss.
USDX will hit the target of resistance above at 97.40 if next touch the 97.70 then hit the 98.00 area so be careful in buying of selling any currency pair it will give high minus floating this week good luck my friends.
from the H1 timeframe it should still be bearish, but from the H4 there is a bullish trend ... lately I've often found something like this. usually what I will do is compare it with M15 and M30. then from M15 M30 H1 H4 I take which trend is most likely to occur, from which I determine the entry point for the OP. although this is also not necessarily because the market conditions are very dynamic and there can be a reversal.