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    Thread: Forex Educational Books

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      FX Vampire
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      Thanks for sharing all this interesting books. I have downloaded some of them and will check them out when I have more time on my hands. I have read many books concerning forex trading just like undoubtedly all the members on this forum but I still feel I have lot to learn.

    2. Forex Game
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      Where am I?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
      Hi fellow MT5 members.

      I am creating this thread because I have observed many users opening new threads just to post one e book.

      From now on, each and every forex e-book should be posted in this thread and no one is allowed to open new threads to post e-books.

      Rules for posting in this Thread:

      If you guys want to post any e-book regarding forex, you have to use this thread in the following format:

      1: Book's Name

      2: Brief explanation in your own words (Not Copy paste)

      3: Download link of the book you are posting

      Hope to see some good books being posted in this thread in future.
      I have collected many books from different sources, all the books are the most famous in forex.
      Because they obey forum rules and want to contribute as well, how to upload them
      so forum participants can learn from them. By the way they are +350 books I have in pda format.
      If you need a name I can post it for you.

      Will wait very anxiously for your reply

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      It's time to retire!
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      Thanks for the sharing of this beautiful book that can be useful for all kinds of traders to develop their skills and experts also can modify and increase their proficiency levels more higher. There is not the ending of learning in forex trading business and everybody must need to learn it till they are in this business. I will also try to learn through this good book.

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      Forex in the blood
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      Beautiful Quynh is just really nice Beautiful Quynh is just really nice Beautiful Quynh is just really nice Beautiful Quynh is just really nice Beautiful Quynh is just really nice Beautiful Quynh's Avatar
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      Reading a lot of book is a very good thing while we are young. It will open our mind very quick to the possibilities that we can take advantage. However, in this technological advancement I prefer to hear an audio book or even watch a video of the trader explaining something. On the other side, I can read pretty quick too

      Most of the links in this thread are no longer working. Is it possible to fix them or not?

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      My pips hand is weak
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      Oriana is on a distinguished road Oriana's Avatar
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      Such a nice thread started by Toxic. We can find lots of useful and informative books in the same thread, I will try to download and read out some of them. Hopefully by reading them my confidence in trading will increase.

    7. <a href="https://www.instaforex.com/company_news"> </a>
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      MT5 Rookie
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      Hi! I am very glad to see a lot of helpful fellow traders that offer different source of materials on how to improve our trading skills. Money management is always a great tool to increase our chances of survival if we want to make it as our lifetime career.

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