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    Thread: How can I open an order?

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      There is a standard process of open and close a forex trading positions and we must need to follow that process to get it done smoothly. There is a buy and sell which can be chosen by using the button and then select the perfect lot size based on our risk management.

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      to open an order in any currency pair you just have to open your meta trader terminal and then click on the currency pair that you want to trade in , you will get two options buy or sell and you can select either of them depending on your strategy and the plan and then you can start to make the profits.

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      First start your MT4 Software and in the menu bar or just under the main tabs you can find new order button. If it is again complex for you, then double click on the currency pair floating in Market watch section. So a new window will opened, set your lot or trade size. If you are aware about taking the profit and stooping the loss operation then you need to set and finally chose to sell or buy the currency pair.

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      Quote Originally Posted by raju_jnu View Post
      i am a new trader. will you help me please with picture how can i put an order. and what every box is meant
      Analysis the trading platform. If you have meta trader 4 or 5 then look over that trading platform. You will get option. Another way you can watch videos on YouTube. Over YouTube you will get many videos . So learn by watching the videos. This would be the best way to learn.

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      I will recommend that when you open the MT4 so in the left side you will see the many of the pairs. Select the pairs on which do you want to trade and after selecting that just double click over it and a new chart will be opened now at the upper side of the Chart you will see "New Order" option. Click over it and select the buy or sell option which you wana do.. All is that !

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      You can open a new command, first open the MetaTrader program and then click the New Order icon in the program; secondly, select the size of the transaction that will open, and also set Stop Loss and Take Profit order, and click Sell if you expect the price to fall to Below the current price. Buy if you expect a price higher than the current price and if your expectations is correct you will win.

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      to open a trade order is a very simple thing all that is require is just for you to open your meta trader 4 and you will see the button new trade '' click on it and the the window that contain buy and sell will pop up and you chose the one you like, and even if you want to set up a pending order it is still the same .

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