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    Thread: 25 Rules of Discipline in Trading

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      Having exact rules to follow can be beneficial, as it helps you to stick to them every time you want to do something in the markets - you just take a look at your "rules", and if it says X you do X. Simple.
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      The factor of being discipline in the trading of the Forex trading market is not really that hard to be grasped and mastered. For me, there are only a few thing which I will need to keep in my mind, that is to repeat the same discipline action again and again in order to let it sink into my subconscious mind.

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      Economic depression can make panic clan merchants, they prefer for the hold merchandise while waiting for the market certainty. as a result of the hold merchandise then surely all the prices of basic necessities will soon rise. and this is what causes inflation, if it occurs in a country with a strong currency it will certainly affect the forex market movements.

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      well all the rules matter to you for you need to be a disciplined trader if you want to make money anything short of been discipline will surely not be a profitable way to make money because you seriously need to know what you want.

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      First to be able to have the success that we all need, the one code of discipline that should be kept in mind is that before trading , there should be a good reason why we are trading this means that.

      Analysis should be made and when analysis is never made, we should not trade or when it is made and it does not correspond to the expectation that will move the market we should not take that trades.
      Don't relent, just keep trying. Yeah it is not easy, but you have to keep trying!!!!!

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      thanks for this sharing, may i know how long you trade on real account, actually all of this only easy on theory when we read it this kind easy thing but when we see the chart and do our trade all theory got more complex to use
      Nekad Trading the best forex trading strategy

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      Successful traders often say, discipline is the key to success, but to act discipline in forex trading is not easy, we will act with emotion as a loss, and we will violate the rules of the trading of our own, this will make us always fail

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      Discipline is the key to have the good and well tradings in the market of forex tradings because the forex market is more vast market where if you know the market well then you will be able to learn the market well and can manage the good trades to get some money.

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      Quote Originally Posted by choiron View Post
      Success Wheel
      There are three fingers are formed, what I call a Wheel Success? associated with trading.
      The first finger contents. Contents consist of all internal and external market information that traders use to make their trading decisions. All traders have to buy a value-added content that provides utility in making their trading decisions.
      The most important types of internal contents
      market information (IMI). IMI is the simplest and pricing information disseminated by
      exchange. However, we all make our decisions based tradng time and price (time and price). market effectively, we must be up to date from time to time.
      Without an instant and pricing information, we will be trading in the dark (blind trading).

      The second is the mechanics. Mechanics is how you access the market and the methodology you use to enter / exit your trade. You must master the mechanics before you can enjoy success as a trader. A simple keystroke mistake could result in loss of thousands of dollars. A trader can ruin your entire day with trading errors.
      Once you have mastered the implementation of the order, though, it's like riding a bike. Process incoming and outgoing trade into a seamless and mindless. Fast and efficient trade execution, especially if you are trading with scalping methodology, will allow you to reach the offer or accept an offer before your competitors do. Remember, the fastest survive.
      I think this is good advice and we should consider the advice as our way of getting the success. Forex is a long term business career and we can make money by having a long years of experience. When we have more knowledge and experience, we can earn money easily. Experience and skills are the key factors for the forex career.

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      no single trader will be able to keep all the rules in the Forex trading business but if you want to survive you just have to make sure that you do as much as possible to keep the rules as many as you can keep because with that you will be able to do many things with the profits that you will realize.

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