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    Thread: Remembering same old mistake yet doing it again and again!

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      Actually this is ery funny that we j ow what mistakes we are doing and Still we keep doing them again and again even without considering to improve them or remove them from our trading so I just think that we are trading like fools and we really don't k ow what we are doing here.

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      In this market, there is nothing to prevent anyone from making a profit because the style of his work in the market is what sets his work as a result of the profit or loss. Therefore, it is better to try to rely on learning from everything in the market gain or loss that is the best way in which we can transform loss into profit

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      Yes, this is correct that we do the same mistake again and again and that can cause the loss in our trading career. The forex is a risky business and it is also a long process to prepare correct our mistakes. It is important that we should remember our mistakes and try to avoid it in future to do it again.

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      sometimes traders repeat the mistakes which give them loss in their previous trades like trading on time of high impact news, this makes them able to trade again and again with the strategy and also thinking that market will be in their favor but actually nothing happens like that ultimately the lose the trades, so traders should avoid such mistakes to repeat.

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      Of course i remember them always but i am trying always to avoid them so ican makemore and more profit ' and i use the demo account to know my fetal mistakes and avoid the also ' don't be sad with failure dear

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