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    Thread: Favorite Time to trade?

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      My favorite time is when ever I get free from my other work, I do not wait for any particular time to trade, I just wait to opening of USA market to observe the volatile, and then I decide the price range for the day, then I create the position if the price is suitable as per my strategy. so do not wait for a particular time range, always grab at your price range.

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      I am trading at all times and sessions. All I do is wait for the good opportunity to trade according to the conditions I have set for my strategy and when i find the opportunity I have to enter the market and I do not care about the time, there are those who like to trade at the end of the European or Asian session we are all trying to adapt to the market to get Profit, it is so natural with forex trading.

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      the favorite time for trading depends on the style of trading for each trader and so each trader choose the good time for trading for him, some traders prefer to trade in certain sessions like asian or eurpoean or american, and so traders prefer to trade in certain hours as they see that is the best time for trading for them.

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      The favourite time to trade the trader see the situation of trading market ups and downs. The market condition goes low most of trader incmvest more money in market downs and market goes high mostly trader selling the product and earn big profit.

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      Mostly my trading style is mid time trading. i don't take time not so long and not so fast. mostly when i start trading i just tried to check and analysis the market in Asian time. Mostly i like to trade in morning time. it helps me to discus with experienced people in morning time.

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