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    Thread: What style of trading do you prefer?

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      FX Zombie
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      snaxbest will become famous soon enough snaxbest's Avatar
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      I prefer the scalping due to two main factors. The one is it is the most convenient and the easy method to earn the money in the short time, secondly you don't need to hold the good capital and even with the low amount of the capital you can scalp and can collect the profit pips in the market. The forex is the place for the all of the peoples who want to make the money as the making profits needs the sharp skills.

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      FX Zombie
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      srs007 is on a distinguished road srs007's Avatar
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      I would like to classified trading style in two categories that one is aggressive and constructive. In aggressive trading style traders try to earn more profits with in short time and ghey do not follow the actual rules of trading and try to trade with high lot size. Scalping is also in this category. Thus can not be the professional behavior.

      And the other is constructive. In this style traders think more about rule and discipline. They follow the instructions and try to trade rationally. They try to achieve small but continuous target and they have the belief that,,`slow and stedy wins the race.`

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      FX Zombie
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      nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi is a jewel in the rough nilvayi's Avatar
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      I prefer consistently but sometimes i do aggressive in good situation of the market. I prefer aggressive trading with small capital account, But with my big capital account always trade very consistently like 5-10% monthly. From the both trading style i fell consistently trading has more success rate than aggressive trading though one can achieve high profit with aggressive trading but sooner or later will loose the account.

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      MT5 Maniac
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      Torrent will become famous soon enough Torrent's Avatar
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      I prefer scalping. Scalping seems best way to earn money. I have been doing scalping for many years and I am getting good result from it. So that is why I am doing scalping only. I believe scalping is the easy way of acquiring profit.

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      MT5 Addict
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      blessing76 is on a distinguished road blessing76's Avatar
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      i am not aggressive at all in my trading approach although i was ones aggressive and it dealt my big blows in trading until i learn to be conservative and trade like a sniper instead like a machine gunner.

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      I just can't quit pips!
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      sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark is a splendid one to behold sonibark's Avatar
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      I prefer the long term trading techniques if am to be honest but the truth is that it's not easy for me to wait for a long time before I can I am able to know the faith of my trades. And am sure many traders feel the same way. Bit not until we are start trading the way we. Like and enjoy we that we will then start to enjoy the blessings of forex trading market

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      My charts talk to me!
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      fastline01 is on a distinguished road fastline01's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by mehwishraheel View Post
      I would like to tell you that mostly I do short term, but if the market is in my favor for long time and if I see more possibilities then I do long term, sometimes intraday and sometimes sometimes swing bases, so depends upon the feasibility of market.
      There are so many trading styles or strategies that we can easily involve with our own trading business. I am a short term trader and follow the scalping strategy which is considered the most profitable trading strategy but it is very risky some times. But whatever way we trade forex, we should have a clear experience about that process, so that we can earn money consistently.

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