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    Thread: Is there a simple strategy I can follow? (2)

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      Yes there is a simple technique every trader can follow when trading forex and the simple technique is buying when the price is low and selling when the price is low, and making our entry decision based on a reversal candlestick created at a reference point.

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      yes you have to keep the things simple and you have to just choose a sort of trend and strategy and try to make the sense out of it. Because if you apply many indicators then the account and the trading experience will become more and more Complex and it will always become problematic in the long run and you will not be able to focus on the actual practice
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      There is nothing like a simple strategy. There are so many trading strategies out there in the forex trading market. But few are good enough to make us successful. But it's better we don't gamble on away our money. So the the best way is to create our own strategy and perfect it along the way.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Iqbalhosseinctg View Post
      Forex is a strategy market. If anybody can use simple or strong strategy provide on trading platform then he will be able profit in Forex trading market. Must be basic knowledge need for in every moment to win . Market all trend analysis is important for become success in Forex.
      It is better for you to create your own trading strategybecause each trader has his specific trading condition and you should create your strategy to suit your condition it is not rule to get the success if you use the other traders strategies for me I think that the trading depending on the trend direction is considered the simplest strategy

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