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    Thread: As trader you must know what to learn!

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      Yes, some time trades are not aware what to learn and where to start? So they just search on google or learn from any books without knowing whether their study is on right track or they are learning the wrong things, because until unless you find a good mentor you will never know your wrong things.
      So after gaining some knowledge just test that on demo to check the accuracy and then only proceed for real trade.

    2. <a href="https://www.instaforex.com/company_news">‘ÓūŚÍŮ ÔÓūÚŗŽ</a>
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      When a new trader wants to trade, generally he think that he already have known many things for trade. He is ready for real trade and have gain enough experiences. But he can not know what he does not know. He can not which knowledge is most important to survive with this trade. So when he starts his trade, he has to face so many problems. And he can realize his problems and can understand what he should do.

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      This is one aspect that most newbies did get it right at the start, if you are just trying to learn by yourself from the start it will be tough to know what are the right training materials to chose that most of the time everything is so mixed up that you will end up into confusions, that is why it will be better to start in this business if you have a good mentor in your side.

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      if you are first acquainted with forex, you can create a virtual account can also be more detailed, and learning. if you are reluctant to demo account and choose to learn directly with a small capital ready to disappear, immediately search for a trusted broker and registration to the broker and fund your account with capital according to your ability and start trading

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      well that's true every trader must have to learn exactly the same thing before they can start making profit in the forex market. but most times traders that are new to the market does not know what actually to learn, so i think if you have gotten to that stage that you already know what to learn in terms of strategy then it means you have gotten some level of experience in the market.

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      There are lot of teachings , information , myths, and resource materials on forex trading that can be found online and as a matter of fact , it is not everything that will be good for a trader. There are different and diverse opinions some of which may be helpful and some may not , it is left for individual trader to be selective and do everything within his ability to sieve the kind of information he receives by reading through other people's teachings, ideas and opinion . Learning is what no one can severe from forex trading because that is the only way to acquiring the knowledge , skills and experience , it is also the only way to keep on improving yourself in trading on daily basis . To the best of my own knowledge , learning remains a continuous process in forex trading .
      "Experienced traders control risks,inexperienced traders chase gains"

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      It's time to retire!
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      Learning forex trading involves both study and practice. It is important to study the works of those who have gone the path before you and attained success. This way you will avoid most of the mistakes they have made while benefiting from their experience.

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      FX Zombie
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      With the vast amount of information available about currency trading and analysis you may get mixed up and do not find what to do so I will give you some tips that you should know and stick to in order to succeed.
      1 - Learn the basics first.
      2 - Learn and adhere to one trading strategy.
      3- Do not fail when you lose or mistakes you must fight for your goal.
      4 - Do not panic when the deal is going to go in your favor.
      5 - Be realistic and do not rush.
      6 - Do not exceed the opening of transactions in one day.
      7 - Consider the Stop Loss Order and do not place it near to your entry point to the market.

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      Yes it is true a trader you must know what to learn as with the passage of time trader learn a lot of thing in just a short time but it depends on him which thing is most important from to learn at that time to gain profit and which thing he can learn later in future because that thing can is not so important at that time. It is due to trader can't learn every thing at the same time he can only learn limited information correctly other wise he might get confused.

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      Forex in the blood
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      you should learn to trade from the right source. many good source to learn trading like from youtube chanel or mentor.when you are study make sure yourself feel comfortable. You can drink coffe or eat some snacks while you study to make you more relaxed.

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