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    Thread: [INFO] Here Are The Best Trading Strategies!

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      Default [INFO] Here Are The Best Trading Strategies!

      Every month there is a thread in this section where a member ask which trading strategy is the best for them.

      Well, first of all there is really no the best trading strategy "for everyone" because every trader is different in their personality and background so they need different solution.

      Secondly, this forum is filled with lots of trading strategy that can make money. Yes, lots of great trading strategy. Which one is for you? Honestly, I don't know. However, I can give you a real reference to trading strategy that really works and I will tell you at the end of this post.

      Last but not the least, before you begin using the strategy please use it in demo account first to know whether it works for you or not. If it works then you can proceed by using it in your real account but if not then you can try the other strategies. Got it?

      A trading strategy that works is the one that "already" gave benefit/profit to its users. Here are the trading strategies that profitable traders in this forum used and shared:

      AkuRapopo's Trading Journal
      The Story Of Fundamental Trader : 'You are not alone'
      8064411 - Trading of Majors/Crosses with both Fundamental/Technical Analysis
      5305994 - Simple is the best.
      2275500---trade with all strategies in everything in the terminal
      How to draw a trend line and trade with it
      Set and Forget With Supply and Demand
      Very Simple BB Scalping Strategy
      Trading Moving Average Crossovers
      Behind the Success is Stochastic with S/R
      Price action patterns.
      Price action patterns. (2)
      One Horizontal Line Is All You Need To Trade And Make
      simple hammer pattern based price action with trend line
      BTS (Basket Trading)
      Read the News with Support and Resistance
      Symbiosis strategy

      This thread will be updated whenever there's an update so you will see more profitable strategy in here.

      I hope those of you who are going to ask "Which trading strategy is the best?" will read this thread first before opening or asking that question.

      Best of luck,
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      Like you said, no strategy or system is 100% accurate. Individuals differs in the way the think and react to issues. What works for you may not work for the other person. So develop your system and stay focused.

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      It's true that there is not such thing as best trading strategy. Traders are making profit using many different strategies like scalping, trending, ranging, news trading strategies etc. It should also be noted that good strategy is just half the solution. The other half of the solution is good money management.

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      There is no place to get best trading strategy because what seen to be best for you may be worst for another,but you can get ideal that will help you build your strategy from here.Any trader that wish to have sound strategy will not relent in deepen his/her Forex knowledge.

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      Thanks for sharing your nice strategy that you were gathered for you! I think the forex traders like me will be benefited. Though the scalping strategy is somewhat to me is risky but if we can understand about the market movement, then these little earnings can give us more when together. For the scalping strategy, we should trade with demo account properly. Demo trading give us the confidence to trade.

      ---------- Post added 07-12-2017 at 09:08 PM ---------- Previous post was 07-11-2017 at 09:37 PM ----------

      There are many strategies in forex market as i understand. I have tried some strategies, sometimes it's working as i wanted but sometimes it's not giving the desired results. Don't know why is that happening. May be no strategy is universal for getting profit in forex market. I want to request the experienced trader to share about it so that the new trader like me can get the profit also.

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