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    Thread: Forex is not for all (Part 3)

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      Forex is not for everyone, Forex trading is a job for everyone who continues in the field and works to increase his experience in the market, gaining experience in the market is not easy and needs to be practiced and continue and not surrender in case of loss, all these factors make Forex trading profitable for you to fit Forex Trading.

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      It is not correct that forex trade is not for all. Actually forex trade is for all and all kinds of people who are above 18years. But age is not a matter. The main matter is learning and earning. When I was a early learner then I also have feel so much problem. I also have lost three capital. I have learning it about for more than one year. But now I am in a good stage. Now i can avoid loss and can some profit.

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      Although all the people of the world can join Forex for earning money .But All traders cannot take consistent profit in this business .Some persons lose big money in the interest of being rich soon . Such participant are fit for Forex those have the habit to do hard work and try again and again for achieving objectives after facing problem . Only expert traders can survive for ever while inexperienced leave Forex one day after losing huge money . Those bodies are here ,be professional traders. Don't lose self heart and mind from temporary failure .

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      It is true that Forex trading is not for all . those that trades are the risk takers , those that does not mind losing money and also making huge profit in the end too . Its give and take if you can't give the risk then the market is not for you. There are lots of money to be made in this business and only the bold who knows the in and out of the business makes money in the end .

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      yes because of the many risks that we encounter in the forex market on a daily basis , its not easy for some people to be traders because they could not possibly manage their emotions and have a firm control over their finances and so the forex trading business does not reward a trader who is not disciplined at all.

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      forex is not for all because not all traders will be able to make money and will survive in the market for long time, the good traders only can trade well and make money so forex is for them but the bad traders will leave the market quickly and will not be able to make money because they do not know how to trade.

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