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  • View Poll Results: How much would you pay to PAMM trader in commissions?

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    Thread: Do you think PAMM traders are greedy?

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      Default Re: Do you think PAMM traders are greedy?

      Probably I am the one who put 50% in this pool. Well there has a reason to vote that segment. Actually trader is the man who earn all the profit for you for your account I am not agree that he is greedy. Remember he is doing all the hard work for you to bring some profit.

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      Will work for pips
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      Quote Originally Posted by jagpok     
      When you check conditions of PAMM traders, many of them charge you 50% commissions on your profits.

      Do you think it is ok? Would you invest with PAMM trader who charges 50% or one with 5%?

      I am not agree with you at all that PAMM traders are greedy. Actually its a tough task to trade with other people money, only traders knows about it that how much hard work have to do to win a trade. From my view 25% commission may goes to Investor or sometimes PAMM manager may increase it according to his or her profit but it should exceed more than 50%.

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      PAMM traders are not greedy, because they would not have investors. Investors also want to have a profit and will not invest in a greedy trader. PAMM trader should not be greedy, should be generous. The more invectors will be, the more a trader will be able to earn and will be more popular. Invetsory are different and invest money on different terms. If there is only one investor when he takes his investment, the manager will be left without a large profit.

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      Well, then with your modest $ 5,000 balance, which may not change in life ($ 250 a week) ... But what happens when this yield doubles over a year?

      5000 x 1.0552 = 63 214 dollars

      This returns more than 1260% without risking more than 1%. Now work on returning for the next year!

      You can get rich relatively quickly through Forex trading, but this does not happen overnight. This happens on hundreds, if not thousands, of regular, high probability and low risk trades. In order to "get rich quick", you have to be patient - if you really want to satisfy your greed, be sure to check it out.

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