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    Thread: How to choose a good broker to start in the forex trading?

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      My pips hand is weak
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      Quote Originally Posted by signalfxanaloufi     
      I think to choose broker is an important thing for forex trader, where the important characteristic to choose a good broker that has as following:
      - Fast execution for positions.
      - Tools trading and central analysis.
      - Security of funds and high financial services.
      - Bonus offers and contest.
      - Allow scalping.
      - Low spread.
      - Gives different types of leverage.
      - Free swap.
      - Gives different types of trading account as standard, mini standard, and cent account.
      - Trading account insurance.
      - Investment programs plans as PAMM and accounts manager.
      i am choosing forex brokers based on how long they are in this bussiness,
      that is my reason trade with Instaforex and Tickmill

      and of course before i depositing money , i am trying to find a genuine testimonials from traders who already trade there,
      and this is not too hard because , i know some of instaforex and TICKMILL IB , so i can ask them their experience as IB,
      are they have problems with their broker or not,

      after that , i am test their customer services , test how professional are there . so i am acting as a jerk when i contact the support .lol.

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      Please choose broker that offer you the best support, there is no disconnection on their MT4, have the fastest payment method. If you can not find the broker with these point, I recommend you to join FreshForex, FreshForex will give you plus point like what I said. I have joined FreshForex for 3 years and they give me the best experience.

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      I also do not really know the best broker, except that I always use recommendations from experienced traders to use the broker they are collaborating with. during trading from 2011 until now I still always use the Instaforex broker which is for me the best of all aspects. besides that I am also a beginner trader so I don't want to try other brokers if I am familiar with Instaforex.

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      As far as rules for selection of good forex broker is concerned I would mention variety of things to check first.
      Execution. how fast execution it has during opening and closing of positions
      Lowest possible spread
      Good leverage
      Varitiey of accounts like standard, mini and cent accounts
      Segregated accounts for funds security
      "**Earn Pips and Keep the Pips.One day you will master the market"

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      Frankly speaking, itís all common sense with a selection of broker. You need to check IF itís regulated, how long they are servicing, and also to test it out on demos. I work with Instaforex, but was not like I joined it blindly, I joined only AFTER proper research, and even comparison. So, aside from the stuff I mentioned, I believe one should also do a PROPER comparison to ensure the broker we join is the BEST.

      Although, there are MANY sites where you can EASILY compare, but the largest database that I know is at https://fx-list.com, as they really give deep coverage to all factors, which often are missed by most sites. I am fairly comfortable with InstaFX, but just for others, always make sure you COMPARE!

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      forex trading we must be able to choose trusted and regulated lockers. if we cannot choose a trusted or regulated broker, we ourselves will suffer losses because we have left the capital that we are trading but do not know the certainty can be taken when we make a profit or when we lose. To do forex trading we must be very careful in choosing bro, especially nowadays there are so many fraudulent lockers who want high bonuses and capital without trading, while when we make a profit, the results of the trading cannot be withdrawn.

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