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    Thread: What To Avoid In Making A Post Or Creating A New Thread?

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      Default What To Avoid In Making A Post Or Creating A New Thread?

      Dear new members, this whole thread is specially created for you, so that you can learn how to post properly and avoid making low quality, useless post in this forum. All types of discussions must be written in English language only! If you follow all the forum rules, aside from learning forex trading, you will also be rewarded with bonus per post and your English writing skill will surely improved. Now let's start!

      *How To Create A Good Post?*

      *How to make a good post? Devoid from spelling and grammar errors and stay within the thread topic, take a look at the sample below. Why I consider it as a good post because it is well done, if you read carefully the sample post you will see that it is direct to the point (not repetitive) message is clear not confusing, it has more than 3 sentence in length and above all free from too much excessive abused of punctuation marks such as full stop(.) comma(,) exclamation mark(!) and question mark(?)

      Thread: What is the best leverage for deposit of $10?
      Name:  Gueherry good post.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  51.7 KB

      *Now that you have seen the sample of good post above, lets continue to discuss about the useless low quality post below (all low quality post will be deleted!)

      1.) Short, useless one liner post
      Frankly, the useless and rubbish post below are not helpful so we delete them! Post below 2 full lines are subject for deletion.
      Name:  Short Post B.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  8.5 KB
      Name:  Short post A.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  11.5 KB

      2.) Low quality post
      The length of the post is acceptable but it is not written well, the flow of the sentences is not well coordinated, appears confusing to the readers. Even if your post is more than 3 full lines and yet your words are just running in circles with out being useful to readers then it will be deleted.
      Name:  Low quality post.jpg
Views: 145
Size:  27.3 KB

      3.) Repetitive used of words in a post or in other thread
      Take note of the colored words below which is repeated many times in the whole post, it is commonly used by some bonus hunter or lazy poster just to take advantage of the bonus for post program or just to create an appearance that their post is much longer in length. Some member might attempt get away with it a few times but sooner or later we will surely catch them so don't even try!
      Name:  Repetitive Post A.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  31.3 KB

      4.) Adding too many punctuation marks such as (!!!!....,,,,????)
      Avoid using excessive question mark, comma or exclamation point in between or at the end of your post, one is enough. Post decorated with lot's of punctuation marks symbol is not good to look at!
      Name:  Abusing too many signs in post A.jpg
Views: 140
Size:  23.7 KB

      5.) Post with plenty of spelling/grammar mistakes
      Please, take time to edit or double checked your post for any spelling and grammar errors before saving it. Post with lots of errors are considered low in quality and will be deleted! Help us improved the overall quality of the post in our forum, we all can benefit from this.
      Name:  Post with lots of spelling,grammar mistakes A.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  29.4 KB

      6.) Abusing Caps Lock
      Do not write post entirely in big capital letter, we call that abusing caps lock!
      Name:  Abusing Capslock A.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  24.4 KB

      7.) Confusing and out of topic post
      The sample below started real good, 1st and 2nd sentence discussed well about forex trading but on the 3rd and 4rth sentence the post started to become confusing and out of topic.
      Name:  UN confusing post.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  28.9 KB

      8.) Using big, bold and colored fonts in your post is prohibited here!
      Please, use only the forum default font size and color to maintain the forum's neat and clean appearance.
      Name:  Bold Colored fonts.jpg
Views: 135
Size:  38.4 KB

      9.) Google translation from native language to English language
      Also at times, google translator gives translation in a word by word manner making entire sentences full of grammatical mistakes. One should edit it and make it grammatically correct before posting.
      Name:  Google translation.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  24.7 KB

      10.) Cheating with "Enter" in your key board
      This one is self explanatory, no need for post sample. Some cheater will write short post and hit "enter" several times in between words to make their post appear longer in length.

      11.) Copy Paste
      *Do not copy materials, articles or post from other websites and paste it here in mt5 forum. We only accept genuine/original contribution here!
      *Do not copy paste or try to modify other members post and incorporate it in to your post, that is considered cheating and strictly prohibited! If you can not relate to a specific thread refrain from posting useless and confusing post, instead find a thread that you have real knowledge with.

      12.) Repeating same post in different threads
      Every thread is unique, therefore it also requires unique replies so you should not repeat your post in the same thread or in different topic, it is a serious violation and can result in a ban!
      Name:  Repeating post in different threads.jpg
Views: 144
Size:  88.2 KB

      13.) Spam/Advertising post
      A post or thread that has external link, sending members to other website is prohibited! Do not try to advertise other broker in your post or thread, you will surely get a ban! Avoid making post that is very short and is repeated in many threads and section it's also called spamming!

      Name:  Ramin A spamming.JPG
Views: 148
Size:  42.7 KB

      *Reminders for new members who are trying to pass moderation the first time*
      If you are submitting your post for approval and want to become a verified member to start earning bonus, then make sure your post does not contain the list of violations we have discussed above. We delete low quality and useless post with out explanation so don't ask the moderator's why your post was not approved. We advice new comers in the forum to please read this thread first before making your first post so that you will know what violations to avoid in making a thread or post.

      *How To Create A Good Thread?*
      There are thousand threads/topic about forex trading that has already been discussed in this forum. We prohibit duplicating threads here so the steps below are created as your guidelines in how to search for any threads similar to what you already had in mind. It's better to participate in the threads that already existed instead of creating similar threads. Newly created threads that are similar to existing threads are subject for deletion!

      Step 1: Go to any section of the forum that you wish to open new threads

      Name:  1st Step.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  25.2 KB

      Step 2: Type in the box the thread title you wish to create and click somewhere outside the 'title box'

      Name:  2nd step.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  18.8 KB

      Step 3: If your thread title has similarity with other existing threads then it will show you those threads automatically, so please do not create similar threads! Instead click the thread link and you will be taken to the thread and make a reply or you can abort the process, your choice.

      Name:  3rd step.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  98.2 KB

      Step 4: If your thread title has no similarity with other existing threads you go ahead and make the body of your thread. Please make sure the thread title and your post is discussing same topic, sometimes I came across threads starter post that is in conflict or not in harmony with the title. Meaning the title is discussing something else and the thread starters supporting post does not correspond with the title, it will appear confusing to the readers.

      Step 5: Try to make your thread free from spelling and grammar mistakes, edit it first before saving it.

      Step 6: Do not capitalize all the words in your thread title! Avoid adding too many punctuation marks at the end of your post or title.

      *Reasons of thread deletion: similar with existing threads, low quality, casual talk, not necessary, useless, confusing thread and not following section rules (some section has it's own rules when it comes to creating new threads, please follow them accordingly.)
      *Reasons of thread being moved to other section: threads that are created on the wrong section will be moved to the appropriate section providing it is of good quality. Please open your thread on the right section only.

      *Important Things To Read And Remember*
      Forum Rules
      Bonus for Posting Regulations
      Bonus for Posting F.A.Q
      Reasons for getting a ban in MT5 Forum
      Answer to random questions
      How to attach account
      Why my post are not visible?
      Haven't received your bonus last month?
      *For forum account problems or other concerns open a thread in Forum and Portal Support section only! (not in other section to avoid littering the forum!)
      Last edited by NikitaBelle; 10-14-2015 at 04:56 AM. Reason: update some info
      Am still hibernating, will wake up one day, all depends on fate. Hope to see you all-soon! Miss you all friends!

    2. The following 7 users say Thank You to NikitaBelle for this useful post.

      100pips (09-08-2018), alam1412 (12-11-2015), dzin4aans (10-22-2015), Gjhon (09-08-2018), moneygrows (05-24-2016), PhantomTrader79 (10-02-2015), sihabchowdhury (03-13-2016)

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      Most of the new member will always abuse the forum. They just came here to hunt bonus. I don't blame them, because they were probably referred by another low quality member. They came here to earn easy money not to learn about Forex. If they had a little bit interest in Forex, they wouldn't have post these meaningless two line post. Also if you have a problem, first search the forum for answer. I am sure you will get your answer.

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      MT5 Addict
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      Post is very important thing that share a great information about specific information about specific thing that truly involve in Forex business And always write best content of your post and almost title is also best for making good thread.

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      wow thanks for the heads up so people like me dont go doing the wrong thing,i got warned sometime about this and i stop,i didn't want to get banned i want to use this platform responsively so i get trade more successfully,appreciate the opportunity.

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      What a great insight you have given here and I hope those who make useless posts will learn from this place and begin to follow the rules. I have come across so many posts of low quality which cannot be attributed to have emanated from a person that is called a forex trader. I think the problem of making such low quality posts comes from the fact that many people see this forum as a place to hunt for bonus but I am happy the the moderators are here to do a nice job in preventing the forum from be filled with all sort of junks.

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      This is really a helpful post. There are some user who intend to create a new thread instead of participating into another thread. I think they find it prestigious seeing a thread started by them and commented by other. I think there should be some types of rating in which negative reaction to a thread will be used only to show that a thread is bogus. But this rating will not effect badly. Because otherwise people will not show actual reaction.

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      fysh_inferno is an unknown quantity at this point fysh_inferno's Avatar
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      a good guideline to follow when posting or creating a new thread. i think you should give link to this thread for user that does not meet the criteria because new user like me are always post in which they entered the first thread. this will help the new user to create a good and quality post in the future.

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      FX Zombie
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      SIMPLEMAN will become famous soon enough SIMPLEMAN's Avatar
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      Thanks Nkki for this awesome analysis on how to make post that will enrich our understanding as forex trader, you are a great blessing to this forum and keep up the good job. now to the point of discussion it is my wish to say to all forum members that our primary reason for been here must be to be educated much more than the bonus we are given, if we make quality post that will educate members the more, then we shall have better understanding about the market so much that with our understanding, we can build little capital to become big one rather than having big trading capital that will be wasted because of lack of market understanding.

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      The accuracy of writing posts in the forum makes it easy to communicate and exchange experiences in the forum mt5 and increases the value of positive contributions that contribute to the good information about the Forex market and the member should be interested in improving the quality of posts and continue to write useful posts will avoid mistakes in the future.

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      FX Zombie
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      actually i was make a thread but MT5 moderator deleted my post. i dont know about it more but now i dont want to make any post again. it is a international business. we know English is a international language so when i was make a post with proper English but its deleted.

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      that is a great information for all of us and also specially for a new members in forex forum. so i suggested to you restrictedly the new members that always read the rules and regulation before posting on mt5.forex. so that in future you have not faced the problems related to your account thanks

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