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    Thread: You have to keep patience (part 41)

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      the market as we dont have control of the market when we are trading and we can not tell the market what to do we need to trade with proper plan and depend on money management is proper way to adopt patience.we will get is big loss and i'm sure you don't want to get big loss right?so its better to keep our patience in this business to make sure we can get success

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      Yes, you're right my dear friend that patience is a key weapon in trading forex. Everyone have to remain patience while trading. No matter you loss or get profit but you have to remain patience for the more trading because you can only recover you loss when you have patience and if you lose hope you may lose more because when emotions are heavy and you don't have patience than you cannot make bold and wise decisions. In forex trading you wise and good decisions matters a lot. My advice to all newbies that remain focus on trading and hold your patience to be successful. When a downfall comes then there will be a upward also, if someone goes down then it will come upward sure.

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      Patience plays important role in forex trading. So, when we start trading must shows patience.
      1. patience must be showed while making entry in market. Think before place order
      2. patience should be there when we select lot size in trading
      3. In profit we should control our emotion and patience

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      Forex in the blood
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      Dear friends you are absolutely right patient is very important for trading we should have given us a patient while trading that we could become a successful trader therefore we should trading with patient so that we can earn good profit

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      i hope you good A trader without patience is a wood cutter without an axe. By this statement you must have understood the importance of patience, it helps in keeping the trader focused.And one thing that can make you be patient in the face of a market that is, ability and technical analysis that you have, that you can keep your patience and your emotions.Practice on the demo trading account and improve your patience with win the trade. Trade with different currency pair and improve your trading qualities to make trade with the market trend.

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