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    Thread: Confused in starting a Blog? Don't worry we got your back covered!

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      Default Confused in starting a Blog? Don't worry we got your back covered!

      Blogging is not for everyone – that is clear, however there are some things we all have to know about blogging and how we can benefit from it in our daily trading.

      I have some experience in blogging and forex trading and I can tell you honestly that once I began to write my own blog, my overall analysis of market improved dramatically.

      How exactly can your blog help you to improve your trading:
      1. Write blog about your next trades – analyze them “on paper”. It might sound silly at first, but when you do it more frequently, it really opens your eyes to some things you do wrong.
      2. When you analyze your setups by writing them down, you make sure your analysis look good, it can’t be some random chart with no explanation which simply makes you better at analyzing your chart as you look much deeper than before.
      3. While writing all your analysis in your blog, you think through why that setup might be good or bad. In fact, if you write down some positive and negative aspects of your trade, you quickly realize whether that setup is worth any risk.
      4. You definitely improve your writing skills specifically in forex trading because you probably use some describing terminology of your trades.

      Here are some good examples you can learn from
      price action trader

      What you need in your blog to derive from others:
      • Definitely a chart that describes your analysis
      • Explanation of your analysis
      • Analyse some news in your blog
      • Collect some data about your past trades that you analyzed in your blog
      • Make your analysis unique, write down your thoughts
      • Analyse more than one currency pair
      • Give your predictions in your analysis
      • Always review your past predictions and analyse them
      • Do not fear to admit your mistakes and try to understand why they happened

      Because remember you do it for your self, to improve your trading and if you give it a try, maybe try to write down some of the above mentioned points in your blog, you will master forex market much faster than by not doing so

      *Questions and Answers about Blogging*

      Q Can we make a trading/forex blog that is based on our daily trading experiences?
      A: Blogs are mostly about authors experience and Forex trading blog is no exception. To make your blog unique just write down your experience, knowledge and it will be a perfect trading blog.

      Q: Do I need to be an expert in trading before I can make a blog of my own?
      A: No, not at all. No one becomes an expert in one day so by starting your own blog you start your way to become a Forex trading expert.

      Q: Does graphs, charts illustration is required in my blog?
      A: Charts confirm your analysis. Its like a visual explanation to what you are writing about so find some time to post charts as well - it will look very nice.

      Q: Do I need to update my blog everyday?
      A: Regular updates will be a huge advantage for your own improvement and that will show your dedication to blogging as well.

      Q: Can I monetize my blog? Like displaying or attaching my mt5 forum referral link or my InstaBroker IB affiliate in my blog and how to do it?
      A: It is allowed to put our own MT5 International ref link or our own InstaForex IB link (or both at the same time), however you have to use blog for posting your analysis and some trading ideas, you can't post just links to forum or anywhere else without any meaning. Such blogs will be deleted!

      Q: Do I need to advertise my blog anywhere? Is it important?
      A: Its optional, but if you want you can spread the word among your friends and others that you have a blog so they can follow your progress.

      Q: Does blog popularity required for my blog to win in the contest?
      A: The quality of blog and regular activity of blog is required to win the contest, popularity will come with great quality.

      Q: Whom am going to contact in case I have some question/problem about making a blog?
      A: You can contact any moderator here in MT5 forum or you can ask some advice from other members who have some good experience in blogging.

      Q: Do I need to have my Blog written in English Language and needs to be well written, with good spelling and free from grammar mistakes? I don't have perfect command of English language, is that okay?
      A: It has to be in English to participate in blogs contest and your blog should be in understandable and readable English language. We do not count how many spelling mistakes you make as long as we can understand what you are talking about.

      Q: Must the blog be all about currency trading only? Can I do Option Trading or Stock Trading blog too?
      A: Yes you can write about option trading and stock trading.

      And finally a small introduction video on how to start your own blog and how to start blogging.

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      Forex in the blood
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      This forum is the opportunity to have your affiliate link displayed on your blog and this could generate huge amount of income within very short period It is very clear on how I could start blogging and even when I have not gained any knowledge and experience in that field but with your explanations it has become clear nice information to make the quality writing and sorting the topic.It gonna really help me and the other traders who wanna write or make a blog or do contests we can also share our experiences whether they are bad or good with the other members and yes we can also learn from the other members blogs also so it is the best way to get the knowledge Blogger which is owned by Google and as far as I know allows monetization using Adsense and affiliate links.

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      I shall be thankful to you dear brother if such as your people's we did not confused at any stage. You post is really encouraging for all new members...

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      My pips hand is weak
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      Writer, thanks a lot for reminding me on blogging and Forex trading. I have always known that one can blog about Forex generally but your explanation of this blogging and how you tailored everything purely to the things you do; your analysis and trading methods has got me interest rekindled and i will surely give it a shot. I know that if one blogs well and monetize it, one could make some bucks, so, thanks again for reminding me.

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      Will work for pips
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      Exactly brother you are right not everyone is made for blogging these are the special skills a man is gifted by but it doesn't mean that we should not try if you can you can just go and get some knowledge regarding blogging first whenever you need to start any project you must have a handful knowledge regarding that topic.

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      100 to 80 people groups know to compose a blog and the vast majority are master in Search engine optimization blogging, I am additionally a decent blogger and I likewise demonstrate my administrations to other individuals and organizations who need so benevolent article for their need And sibling you are additionally best blogger And I trust you will end up being a decent blogger in future

    7. The Following User Says Thank You to Rehan41 For This Useful Post:

      Gujjarsarwar (05-14-2019)

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      very good and very effective post i really want to say thanks that you have create so much nice post this is the sea of knowledge and guideline for the new persons who are thinking such kind of questions and are asking to the others they can get all the information from this post

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      MT5 Rookie
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      Ghousiatraders is an unknown quantity at this point Ghousiatraders's Avatar
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      Thank you dear this is a nice post and when you are starting to the forex trading then there is the first thing is that how to learn the good knowledge and how to learn the basic skills for this purpose the blog that is related to the forex trading is very well and this post help much for this purpose

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      My pips hand is weak
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      i agree with you sir that who like to start their own forex blog. Blogging may appears difficult to start but the excellent video above will show you the easy way how to create a blog. Come on friends start your own trading blog.

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      Where am I?
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      wow your are good and best blog psot guider .your artical very helpfull and informate content

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