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    Thread: What steps do you do in case of loss? (Part 2)

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      Winning or losing a trade are both parts of the forex business. Having a negative trade which makes a person loose a small portion of his account shouldn't be a major concern. It only becomes a serious issue when the losses are significant and are recurring periodically. For these types of periodic losses, its always important to go through 'why this loss took place' analysis. Its important to see what caused the loss, like an incorrect analysis, over trading, stress etc and what can be done to avoid such losses in the future. If traders keep doing this for a long enough period of time, they will definitely reduce their losses.

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      It is actual fact for all that none can accept loss easily. Because loss is always a painful things for all. Before open a trade we should get ready to accept loss because there is no any strategy what can gives us guarantee of profit. And we should mind it also that forex is a business and any business have to part that are profit and loss. From that sense when I face unexpected things or loss then I try to cool my mind and remove myself from trade. When I feel fresh and cool mind then I try again.

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      If we see a losing trade we should not get emotional because losing trade is a part of trading but if we blown our account then this is a really a big deal and we should think whats wrong we have done and analyze our trades and decisions, first we must stop trading and think whats going on and then take a rest and then think what was wrong then then take a decision whether you can trade and risk more money if have but its better to take rest for few days if you are newbie but if anyone has some experience and have some capital reserved for this situation then start again and never think about revenge and recovery of the loss, this would be a better decision after a loss.

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      Loss it Normal in trade, There mo business that donít have loss if you wanted talking about loss, every traders should be expecting to loss but it is courage in you that will help you not to face. The loss, trade at times if fun you make profits and at times the other way rounds, if you are scared of loss you wonít be able to trade at all, because you need time and you might still loss after taking your time to study the trades but one thing am sure of is when you trade well and focus on it am sure will make something good out of it so stop been scared about loss, you think because you loss today you wanted taking sometime to rest before continue right, do you know the market might favor you next day, all I could say is that we should take our time to study and practice it well our gain might be more more than our lost, that if we work harder.

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      Cool Loss is common but consistent loss is dangerous.

      Taking loss in forex trading is a common matter but what is dangerous for a forex trader is consistent loss. The daily activities of a forex trader includes both profits, loss and break evens. But when you make loss consistently in forex trading, that is not a healthy trading experience and this calls for introspection.

      At the point where a trader makes consistent losses over time, especially when these losses are consecutive, it is better to take a few days off to examine the following:
      1. your trading strategy
      2. your trading emotion
      3. your risk management system
      4. your forex education
      After examining the above, try over and over again until you find a fault, reassess your trading strategy and tweak it until and test it on demo account until you are satisfied with the new progress.

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