I have a script that trades when its dropped on a chart,
When you drop this script it prompts you for a % of your equity you want to risk and a pip amount you want to set your stop away from the price to set your stop loss.

It then works out how many lots are needed and places the trade.

How can i get a script that asks me for the % risk i want + the % MOVEMENT of the pair rather than a pip amount?

just to clarify. A basic trade go's as follows.
I want to BUY AUDUSD
I want to risk 1% of my account
I want that 1% risk to be based on a .5% move on the AUDUSD
I drop the buy Script on the AUDUSD chart. (its open on my screen)
When I drop the script I should be asked/prompted for....
1.The % of my account balance I want to risk
2 The % of movement of the AUDUSD I want to risk my 1% on.
3 Confirm button "CLICK!/PLACE TRADE"
4 trade is placed with lot size and sl

Hope that makes sense