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yes the he capital will be too small to withstand your position especially when the trade is in the negative territory. So it's better to start with a good capita in order.your financial strength is the determinant of what you see as a low balance, train yourself so that irrespective of the money in your account, you can earn comfortably. we can easily lose money and fail to get any success. Forex is a risky business and we need to take enough risky in every trading positions.

I am agree with your, but i know many people make big profit from forex market with low capital like i have join forex market 5 years ago i have made big money with small investment and i have loss my big money for sake of small money. this is totally luck game and knowledge game. if we have knowledge and we are lucky then forex give us money. if we does not have knowledge then we suffer loss in forex market. so we should need to be lucky in forex market to make lot of money.