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Thread: Money for Posting Campaign - Rules

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    Default Money for Posting Campaign - Rules

    Money for posting

    The point of this campaign (the detailed rules are described below) is that for posting in the MT5 Forum, users receive cash benefits, depending on the quality and popularity of their posts.
    If you are a talented author, then you can earn up to $2,000 per month with the help of our resource. You can be a star of daily forecasts, or you can post interesting research articles about the market, as well as create topics that answer the questions related to the financial sphere.

    Participation scheme:
    - you communicate in the forum
    - accumulate bonuses for posts and likes, which at the beginning of next week are credited to your bonus account opened in InstaForex and attached to the forum profile
    - trade on Forex
    - withdraw the profit.
    - If the trading was unsuccessful, then you are not financially liable to the forum or sponsors of the campaign.

    You can start posting right now, and by the end of the week you will see the real result. If your posts attract the interest and accumulate likes, you are guaranteed to earn weekly payments from the MT5 Forum.

    Rules of the bonus campaign

    1. General regulations.
    1.1. All of the following does not constitute a commercial public offer, and/or an offer of paid work. Any bonus payments are gifts, not payment for the work.
    1.2. Each user of the MT5 Forum automatically becomes a member of the bonus campaign. By attaching an account (see clause 3), the Participant agrees with the rules of the bonus campaign.
    1.3. MT5 Forum is a place for traders’ communication rather than a place of work of text writers for payment.
    1.4. The Participant is not financially liable to InstaForex or the MT5 Forum in case of unsuccessful work on his/her bonus account.

    2. Size of the bonus payments.
    The total monthly income of a contributor can reach $2,000 per month, paid on a weekly basis.
    This restriction does not apply to the payments under the affiliate program of the forum. The amount of bonuses, which is over the maximum possible for a month, is canceled.

    3. Registration of the bonus account and its attachment to the Profile.
    3.1. You can attach only the USD account opened in InstaForex.
    3.2. If the user of the MT5 Forum has any other account in other forums where InstaForex is also a sponsor of the bonus campaign and to which an account with the matching data of the account holder (full name, address, phone etc. - any of these parameters) has been already attached, the bonus will be credited only for MT5 Forum.
    3.3. Procedure for registering a USD bonus account.
    a) Click on the InstaForex special link, fill in the registration fields carefully and correctly ( this is important for account verification). The USD currency of the account will be selected automatically.
    b) There is no special requirements for account parameters (5 or 4 decimal signs, account type, trading server, leverage). If the Participant does not have experience in trading in the forex market, it is recommended to select the account leverage of 1:100 (later, it can be changed in Client Cabinet on the InstaForex website). Please note that there are restrictions on the leverage for a number of countries. Ask the Administrator for more details.

    3.4. To attach an account, you should:
    a) go to the Profile (click on "My Profile"at the top right)

    b) Select the "Bonuses for posts" tab, enter the data from the account, and click the "Attach an account" button

    3.5. It is recommended to make sure the account is attached. To do this, go to your Profile again, and open the "Bonuses for posts" tab.
    3.6. You can change the attached account every 2 months. First, you need to detach the account, then attach the new one. To detach the account, go to your Profile, click on the account number on the "Bonuses for posts" tab, and then click the cross near the message "Detach an account".

    4. Procedure for crediting bonuses.
    4.1. Attaching an account is mandatory to get bonuses (see clause 4).
    4.2. Bonuses are credited weekly to the Participant's attached trading account, based on the results of the previous week.
    4.3. In the trading platform in the column "Comments", bonus amounts are displayed as follows:

    FORUM BONUS WEEK [number of the week]-[yyyy] EN - weekly payments for likes and posts;
    FORUM AFFILIATE WEEK [number of the week]-[yyyy] EN - weekly payments for referrals.

    4.4. The Participant must attach the account until the last day of the week inclusive if he/she wants the bonuses for the current week to be credited.
    4.5. Accumulation of bonuses does not occur in the event that the Participant posts for several weeks, but does not attach the account. After attaching the account, bonuses will be credited only for the last week, and not for the previous ones from the moment of registration in the forum.
    4.6. Bonuses are the property of the sponsor of the campaign - InstaForex, and cannot be withdrawn from the account and/or transferred to another account.
    4.7. In case of replenishment of the bonus account with the Participant's own funds and subsequent unsuccessful trading, the Participant's own funds will be reduced first.

    5. Withdrawal of profits
    5.1. Only profits from trading with bonus funds are subject to withdrawal. The bonus funds cannot be withdrawn. The withdrawal of the profit is conducted through Client Cabinet on on the InstaForex website (link to the main page of the official website in the national language).
    5.1.2 Bonus funds received for posting in the Forex Encyclopedia - Contest of the Best Answers section can be withdrawn in full.
    5.2. In order to withdraw the profit made on bonus payments, the Participant should have the highest level of verification of his/her account.
    The information on verification of the InstaForex account can be found in Client Cabinet (Client Login) on the InstaForex website in the section "Account settings - Verify account".
    5.3. The first withdrawal of funds is conducted via any available electronic payment system. The subsequent withdrawals from the same account must be carried out through the same account details.
    5.4. The withdrawal of profit does not lead to the cancellation of bonuses, you can continue trading on bonuses after the withdrawal of funds.
    5.5 In order to withdraw the profits obtained from trading on non-withdrawable funds accrued from 12.14.2020 to the attached accounts, users should trade executes BUY or SELL trades which total 0.25 lots for each 100 USD of the bonus amount.
    Only deals made by Insta Futures EURUSDweek and EURUSDmonth are taken into account.
    You can find detailed information about Insta Futures(IFs) by the link.

    6. Requirements for bonus posts, criteria for awarding bonuses
    6.1. The length of the post should be at least 2 full lines, excluding emoticons and (or) other special characters (for displays with a resolution of 1,376 pixels horizontally).
    The length of the post should be at least 1000 characters in the Trading journal section, excluding emoticons and (or) other special characters.
    6.2. For posts placed in the sections listed in clause 7, the bonus is zero.
    6.3. Posts must conform to the rules of the forum, be original and informative. Original posts imply opinion articles, published exclusively in the forum, and not borrowed from other sources (copy and paste) or also spread on other resources. The systematic placement of copy-paste in the forum is considered an intentional abuse of the bonus program and may result in the user blocking.
    6.4. Bonuses are credited automatically, through the Intelligent System of Content Analysis (ISCA).
    The ISCA will automatically evaluate if a user’s contribution is helpful and interesting for other users. This will allow users who fill the forum with interesting material to receive a greater bonus, rather than to be a parasite of the bonus campaign posting material only formally tailored to the rules but not interesting to the rest. The system is an intelligent "black box" that awards bonuses depending on filling the forum with useful and interesting for other users content expressed through "likes" - clicking the appropriate button under the liked posts.
    6.5. To meet one of the important criteria, the Participant's posts should correspond to the subject of the forum - trading and everything about it. High bonuses can be received for informative posts on technical analysis of currencies, strategies, automated trading, but not for texts on unrelated matters.
    6.6. Any actions to drive up likes are forbidden. This applies to requests in private messages, signatures, and so on. Such actions will be regarded by the forum administration as spam, and the information on such users will be sent to sponsoring companies for blocking their bonus accounts.
    6.7. Posting a significant amount of material without likes will lower its rating when calculating the total amount of bonuses.
    6.8. It is forbidden to hold all kinds of voting with the help of likes. The only way to invite users to put likes is asking them to like a post if they find it interesting.
    6.9. Plagiarism - copying of other people's messages from our forum, and their publication on your own behalf including partial changes - is strictly forbidden. For these actions, the user will be blocked. The forum has introduced a system for tracking such posts. Plagiarism is impossible to hide.

    7. Sections without bonuses:

    Forum and Portal Announcements
    Forum and Portal Support
    Contests by MT5 Forum
    Free Dialog

    8. Blocking, exclusion of the Participant from the bonus campaign.
    8.1. It is prohibited to participate simultaneously in a bonus campaign through several accounts belonging to the same person or to different persons using the same IP address.
    8.2. If bonus crediting to the accounts registered by the same person is detected, the person is excluded from the bonus campaign.
    8.3. It is prohibited to use any schemes that offer forum users a money reward for writing messages. A monetary remuneration means a transfer via an electronic payment system as well as bank, postal, and cash transfers.
    8.4. A bonus account can be blocked in the following cases (the following list is informational, and does not constitute absolute grounds both for blocking and unlocking the account - the decision on blocking is taken on a case-by-case basis by the security department of the bonus owner, InstaForex):
    8.4.1. Registration and/or use of several bonus accounts from the same IP address in a relatively short period of time;
    8.4.2. Registration of several bonus accounts in the same or matching names, in particular, close relatives;
    8.4.3. Detection of the use of several accounts in the MT5 Forum, including Internet resources with a similar campaign sponsored by InstaForex.
    8.4.4. Opening of positions with the use of the whole deposit or its large proportion. It implies the recommendation not to open positions of such volume which, immediately upon the opening, would lead to a significant decline in the "Level" indicator in the trading platform below:

    200% for the account with the leverage of 1/200;
    500% for the account with the leverage of 1/500;
    1000% for the account with the leverage of 1/1000.
    The decline in the Level indicator below the above-mentioned values in the trading process is not a violation of the recommendations.

    8.4.5. No trading with credited bonus funds within 1 month or more from the date of accrual.
    8.4.6. Simulation of trading by opening a single position for the purpose of holding it for a long time (more than 1 month). Such actions are contrary to the aims of the bonus campaign, one of which is to allow users to try trading on a live account and learn trading.

    9. Technical regulations
    9.1. Trading on bonus accounts is carried out through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
    You can download the trading platform here: InstaForex.
    9.2. To enter the trading platform, click on "File" -> "Login to Trade Account” and type in:
    - Login (number of the Participant's attached account)
    - Password (password from the trader's account);
    - Server (server on which the account was registered).

    Name: sdg.png Views: 1880 Size: 9.6 KB

    10. The terms of the bonus campaign can be changed without prior notice.

    11. InstaForex is an owner of bonus funds and has the right to cancel the bonus used by the Participant, as well as the profit received from bonus payments, without explanation.

    12. The Forum Administration of MT5 Forum does not have access to the accounts of InstaForex clients and does not block bonus accounts. Questions about blocking of bonus accounts should be referred exclusively to the brokerage company by email: antifraud@instaforex.com

    ATTENTION ! The forum administration does not provide paid work on text writing! All Internet announcements that offer payment in the form of cash for writing messages are fraudulent and deliberately misleading. Oftentimes, such an "employer" requires copies of the documents, registering an account for a user and promising to pay after writing a certain number of posts in the forum.
    The administration cautions users against such persons and asks clients to inform of such incidents.

    Top Post Writing Guidelines: https://forum.mt5.com/showthread.php...g-Guidelines-*

    *This offer is not available to clients of instaforex.eu which is a European regulated entity

    *Weekly Bonus payment can be delayed
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    Quote Originally Posted by apna_papa     
    Hello administration thanks. I analyse the forum deeply and i find some user are very good author ( bappy4x, interlock, amiron, ayan, forexrider, grasper, and some others) i analyse there trading journals and trade on the given point of view. Maximum time my lots a going in profit . So i appreciate there work and given them thumb up for there continues long term cooperation with forum. And also thanks to Mt5 administrator , aviz and mt5guru . They are good and responsible administrator ever. And also one thing more that please give the chance to old good member to participate in administration work or moderation work.
    Thank you for appreciating our members and our team. At this time we have good staff but from time to time mt5 hires new staff from good writers. 

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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