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Good day to you balut my friend. I think uSDCAD today will try to move up today because i still see an up signal on H4 chart and if i look at daily chart even though it is still showing a down signal but it is trying to form an up signal and if today we end up with USDCAD moving higher,then the up signal will finally formed and it means next week we will see USDCAD will try to move upward. Anyway,good luck with your trading my friend and i hope you can make a good profit today.
I wrote yesterday that the picture has become more bearish as we approach the support levels that are the minimum for this range. Going short of any of these levels may be great if this range continues.

I was not biased to the pair until we came out of this price range for a month ago.

I took the right path, where there was a long-term bearish reversal that was quickly reversed, but it occurred among the support levels it has identified there.

The range remains, and we are back where we were two days ago - with the price still stuck in the long run and refusing to exit. Again, looking for a reversal at the maximum price range below is likely to be the best strategy for trading this currency pair.