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    Thread: balut's - Trading journal

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      Cool balut's - Trading journal

      Hello fellow MT5 forumers, I want to share my Trend Bruiser system that I have been using for 3 years now. This is a basic strategy of swing to long term trading using the daily time frame candle. I use sets of moving averages(Linear Weight), RSI and TDI indicators. My main objective of this journal is to survive 52 weeks of trading which I'm almost done with my demo account(Zeko). I also have existing live account, but on this journal I will use a fresh live account.

      Myfxbook links:

      http://www.myfxbook.com/members/balu...ruiser/1813657 Zeko

      https://www.myfxbook.com/members/bal...QYc95DokfjbmWF Trend Bruiser


      Daily Candle LWMA(15) or King 15(red) - the rule is simple, buy or sell only if LWMA(15) crossed the candle.

      Daily Candle LWMA(30) or Mediator 30(blue) - almost the same rule as LWMA(15).

      Daily Candle LWMA(60) or Magic 60(yellow) - there is something magical about this LWMA(60) because it is a sign of medium or long term trend reversal.

      SMA(200)(darkgoldenrod) - simple moving average(200) in daily candle is very popular. It is called as "no man's land" because it is a critical level of support and resistance.

      RSI divergence(14) - just a basic filter to measure the strength of reversal to avoid buying the top or selling the bottom.

      Synergy Pro TDI - this can measure the strength of trend if it is reversal or continuation.

      Murrey Math Lines - for important pivot levels and can also serve as take profit area.

      ADR & ATR - to measure the average/true daily range and can also serve as take profit area.

      Entry: Look for Higher High or top of the trend and wait for daily candle that crossed LWMA(15) crossed or vice versa.

      Exit: Usually once the daily candle crossed LWMA(15) opposite to the direction of your trade. You can also set stop loss at the previous higher high or lower low of the trend. Average 60 - 180 losses.

      Take Profit: Average TP in trading the daily candle ranges from 50 to 100 pips during short term trend. While in big trend, TP ranges from 200 to 500 pips.

      Money Management: I will use 5,000 pips buffer approx. For $500 account that is 0.10 cents per pip. 500 / 0.10 = 5000. So I will be using 0.01 lot or 0.10 IFX lot for a $500 account.

      • laid back trading due to higher time frame.
      • compounding friendly.
      • drawdown friendly.
      • 4% - 7% monthly ROI.

      • low trading activity per month or average 10 - 15 trades per month.
      • patience is a must during consolidation period.

      As you can see it is a basic strategy based on lagging indicators. But in my situation, I don't only rely to technical since fundamental analysis is also very important. I just avoid important announcement like FOMC meeting and bank interest rate news.

      I will be updating this journal daily regarding open trade position or possible trade setup. My timezone is GMT+8 and I usually open a trade position once the new daily candle is formed and that is 05:00 AM or 08:00 AM (GMT+8). All my trades can be easily monitored through myfxbook link.


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