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    Thread: ForexMart's Forex News

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      Quote Originally Posted by Andrea FXMart     
      UK Inflation Rate Fell to 3% in December

      The inflation rate of Britain edged lower for the first time in six months in December, which was driven by the price of airfares and games and toys. The rate went down to 3 percent versus 3.1 percent in November, this is the fastest decline over five years. While the core measure of consumer price growth also decreased to 2.5 percent five-month low.

      The British pound lost its strength on the back of the data publication and currently trades at $1.3772 as of 10:37, lower by 0.2 percent on the day. The numbers can be regarded to be the inflection point for the inflation due to impact from Sterling depreciation after the dwindling of 2016 Brexit referendum. The Bank of England along with the economists showed some projections for the possible downturn in 2018 and others predicted that the economy will be at the 2.4 percent level at the end of this year.

      The drop recorded in December was mainly influenced by the technical adjustments of airfares within the inflation basket. However, the Office for National Statistics remains uncertain whether this move signaled for the beginning of a longer-term reduction in the rate. On the same month, services inflation plunged to 2.5 percent, which is the lowest in nine months.

      The slackening inflation had a positive effect on households, especially those with low incomes as prices continued to rise. Economists polled by Bloomberg foresee some growth improvement in the currently weak household consumption by 2019. But, it will continue to sit below its recent average in both years. While predictions for headline inflations seems cool, but the Bank of England policymakers focused more on the changes in domestic price pressures caused by low unemployment and contraction of supplies. In November 2017, the BoE approved for an interest rate hike for the first time after 10 years and spoken about the further rate hike in the subsequent years.

      According to experts, the upward pressure on inflation partially comes from the sluggish productivity growth which hit the British economy since the Great Recession. On the other hand, policymaker Silvana Tenreyro had a positive outlook during her speech on Monday. Tenreyro stated that the economy will grow in the medium term which could reverse the forecast for interest rates.

      Attachment 73541
      Exchanging relations among Britain and European Union is as yet unsure, which postures hazard to London being the world's top budgetary focus dependent on the business overview on Monday.

      There was an eased back development in the money related area dependent on the quarterly study from business entryway CBI and advisers PwC for the three succeeding quarters over the most recent three months of the year. For multi year, the level pattern or a decay stage has been unmistakable in the time of two years, in spite of the fact that, the general exchange was consistent all in all.

      Dominant part of the organizations are searching for sureness in Britain with respect to its exchange relations the future, in view of the review done. A CBI Chief Economist, Rain Newton-Smith, said that lucidity is expected to recover business certainty which would direct on the great open doors against the terrible ones as "outcomes of disappointment".

      On Monday, it is foreseen for the European Union to endorse criteria on exchanges as a progress time of Brexit until March 2019 that incorporates new exchanging guidelines.

      The head of budgetary administrations at PwC, Andrew Kail, said that the change period will presumably happen however the money related segment needs to get ready to work outside the alliance.

      They needed a counter measure to continue its exchanging status and plan of action.

      Different urban communities, for example, Luxembourg, Paris, and Frankfurt Dublin are endeavoring to increase budgetary administrations from London to continue with their exchanges with EU clients after Brexit. Paris could outperform London as the main money related focus in couple of years time, as per the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, an announcement on Reuters.

      Increases from budgetary organizations continues to develop in the last quarter of 2017, which is likewise foreseen to be comparable the initial three months of the year, in light of the ongoing study.

      With regards to the workforce, eighteen percent originates from the euro zoneName:  uk-forex-market.jpg
Views: 10
Size:  19.8 KB, which expanded from 8 percent ten years prior. The civil authorities for the capital's "Square Mile" budgetary area, a report says that very nearly one for each five specialists in 2016 was from an European nation, which has been the most elevated figure recorded up until this point. Then, around 59 percent of workers originated from outside of Europe.

      Another study indicates 54 percent out of 02 organizations needed to make it less difficult to draw in more laborers for Britain's budgetary innovation or fin tech part.

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      08.11. Gold shows worst indicators in two years

      Gold prices continue to show the worst performance over the past two years, responding to positive news on the settlement of trade differences between the US and China. Today, gold futures for December delivery fell to $1,457.10 per troy ounce, plummeting from the $1,493 area. Such lows were the biggest loss since 2017.

      The pressure on the precious metal was exerted by news about the mutual abolition of US and Chinese duties. The elimination of duties is one of the main conditions for concluding the first stage of a trade deal. Success in negotiations supports the full range of risky assets, and gold, as a rule, moves in the opposite direction from risk.

      Additional pressure on gold was exerted by the news that the People's Bank of China, being a constant accumulator of gold bullion, was not able to replenish its reserves again in October.
      Regards, ForexMart PR Manager

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      11.11. Oman believes non-OPEC will extend the deal to reduce oil production

      Oman’s energy minister Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumhy said today, that OPEC and non-OPEC producers will probably extend a deal to limit crude supply, but the oil production will be kept at the current level (1.2 million barrels per day).

      The minister also noted, that oil demand was improving lately as trade tensions soften and that Oman was satisfied with current oil prices.

      The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Russia and other allies have agreed since January to reduce oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day to maintain the market. Nowadays the experts see signs of improvement in the situation with balance of demand and supply in the oil market, fear of recession is getting lower, and optimistic signals about a trade agreement between the US and China make unnecessary the further reducing measures.

      ---------- Post added 11-12-2019 at 04:26 PM ---------- Previous post was 11-11-2019 at 04:48 PM ----------

      12.11. The world’s largest trade deal could be signed in 2020

      After more than 6 years of negotiations, a group of 15 Asia-Pacific countries is going to sign the the world’s largest trade agreement in 2020. The deal is called Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and it will involve all 10 countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc and five of its major trading partners: Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. The United States are not to be the joiner to the RCEP.

      Initially India planned to join the mega-deal, but later decided to abstain from participation in trade pact over concerns that it would hurt domestic producers.

      In any case, the 15 member-countries make up close to one-third of the world population and global gross domestic product.

      So, the uniting within the RCEP would boost trade throughout the group by reducing tariffs, standardizing customs rules and procedures and expanding market access, especially among countries that have not concluded trade agreements.

      ---------- Post added 11-13-2019 at 04:24 PM ---------- Previous post was 11-12-2019 at 04:26 PM ----------

      13.11. The results of D. Trump’s speech at the Economic Club of New York

      Yesterday in a speech to the Economic Club of New York US President Donald Trump announced the «imminent» prospects of completing the first phase of the trade deal with China, but did not provide any new details about the talks.

      The president’s speech disappointed investors, as they awaited any important political statements to be made. But Trump didn’t announce the place and date of signing a trade deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping, as it was expected before. Instead of this American president threaten to «very substantially» raise tariffs on Chinese goods if China does not make a deal with the United States.

      Along with this Trump noted, that the US would only accept the deal if it served the interests of his country, American employees and companies.

      The biggest part of president’s speech was devoted to success of White House administration. Trump said his staff had worked hard to bolster the economy despite of «too many interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve».
      Regards, ForexMart PR Manager

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      19.11. Global stocks hit two-year highs

      Today world stocks reached two-year highs, as investors still believe that the US and China will be able to close a deal and put an end to a destructive trade war. The two largest economies in the world are negotiating a deal, which must end the 18-month trade conflict that shook global markets, but at the same time Washington is intending to introduce additional duties on Chinese goods on December 15.

      Despite the lack of clarity on the progress of the talks, investors are encouraged by the growing hopes to reduce recession risks. Moreover, monetary easing by large central banks, such as China, has also helped to strengthen investors sentiment towards stocks.

      Thereby, the global MSCI index, which tracks stocks in 47 countries, added 0.1%, reaching the highest level since last January. European stocks also rose: Euro STOXX 600 added 0.4%, peaking since July 2015. Indices in Frankfurt (GDAXI) and London (FTSE) rose 0.4% and 0.5%, respectively. Futures on Wall Street (ESc1) also showed a positive start, adding 0.2%.
      Regards, ForexMart PR Manager

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